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The Apollo program needed a computer that could be used on the Lunar Excursion Module for calculating orbital trajectories. The delay involved in having computers on Earth do the calculations was considered too great, and there was a chance that the LEM would be behind the Moon when the calculations were needed. A programmable computer, with a few kilobits of memory, which did not require a lot of battery power was required. As a result, the first microprocessor was created, which is a computer on a chip. That means that all of the components needed for the computer to operate where on a single wafer of silicon. This created a revolution in computing, which resulted in desktop computers becoming possible. Without the demand for a small, low power computer, the microprocessor would probably never have been created, and desktop computers, or 'personal' computers, as they were known, would never have come into existence.

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Q: How did NASA help invent computers?
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