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When the territories now comprising the states of Arizona and New Mexico were first explored by Spanish Conquistador Francisco Vazquez de Coronado in 1542, he reported his findings on such territories north of Mexico were a "New Mexico". Since then, these territories were named as the Territorios de Nuevo Mexico(Territories of New Mexico).

Spaniards having found great wealth and civilization in Mexico had hoped to find another version of Mexico farther up North. As a result, the territory came to be known as New Mexico. It also got its name because of the civil war in 1848 which caused Mexico to be moved into an upper region. It used to be part of the Mexican empire before we conquered it in the Mexican American war.

When Mexico attained its independence from Spain in 1821, it kept this territories, until it lost them to the United! States during the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. These lands, which were mostly unsettled due to the harsh environment and hostile native tribes (Apache and Comanche raids were common until American occupation) became the Southwestern United States, but were kept as territories (meaning no 'State of the Union' status was granted until the late 19 and early 20 centuries). In the specific case of New Mexico, it kept its old name unchanged; only translated from Spanish to English.
The Spanish came to it from Mexico and just called it New Mexico.

Yes and no to the above:

THE STATE NAME:The name of this state is an anglicized version of "Nuevo Mexico," the Spanish name for the upper Rio Grande. Mexico, an Aztec spelling, means "place of Mexitli" one of the Aztec gods.

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For a different, though not really contradictory, version of the origin of "Mexico," see:

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Q: How did New Mexico get its name?
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Which state contains the name of a country bordering the untited states?

New Mexico has the name of Mexico in its name. It borders the nation of Mexico and was called New Mexico when it was colonized by the Spanish.

How did New Mexico get its name New Mexico?

Spanish explorers considered the region an additional part of Mexico, so it is named New Mexico

What is a college name in New Mexico?

University of New Mexico, New Mexico, New Mexico State, University of Albuquerque, and Santa Fe Community College.

How did the state of New Mexico get its name?

it was named after Mexico

What is the name of the highest court in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Supreme Court.

What is the name of New Mexico flower?

The yucca is the state flower of New Mexico.

What is the name of the gulf in New Mexico?

There are no gulfs in New Mexico. The nearest gulf is the Gulf of Mexico, which is several hundred miles away from New Mexico.

What is the name of the new couch of mexico?

The name of the new coach of Mexico is one Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera.

What are the New Mexico town with four letters in the name?

Taos is the only New Mexico town with four letters in its name. Cuba, Dora and Hope are villages in New Mexico.

What is the name of the highest state appellate court in New Mexico?

The New Mexico Supreme Court is the highest court in New Mexico. The highest appellate court in New Mexico is the New Mexico Court of Appeals.

How did Mexico get the name Mexico?

because after mexico got its independence from spain in september 1821 they changed their name from new spain to mexico because after 300 hundred years of spanish rule mexico was a province of new spain so they changed their name to mexico

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Socorro, New Mexico.

What is the New Mexico bird name?

Roadrunner is the official state flower for New Mexico.

What is the name of a bird in New Mexico?

Roadrunner is the official state bird for New Mexico.

How did they come up with the name New Mexico?

The name of the state New Mexico was assigned by Spanish explorers in 1563. They thought that the culture in the area was similar to that in Mexico.

How did New Mexico get the name New Mexico?

Spain called present day mexico new spain which was later called mexico. they thought present day nm would be the same as mexico so they called it new mexico.

Which state contains the name of the country bordering the United States?

New Mexico. Mexico is a country bordering the United States and New Mexico, a state in the the United States, has the same name. The only state in the US that has the name of a country that borders the US in it is New Mexico. The other country is Mexico.

Who name New Mexico?

Well these Mexican settelers came to a new land and it was new they were still in Mexico so that's how it got it's name

What is the name for someone from New Mexico?

New Mexicans

What starts with an X that has to do with New Mexico?

Xanadu Place is the name of a street in Roswell, New Mexico

Name the capital of New Mexico. Tell the year of its settlement.?

Name the capital of New Mexico. Tell the year of its settlement.

Who is the president of New Mexico?

The president of New Mexico is the president of the United States.The government leader of New Mexico is it's governor.See related questions.The president's name in New Mexico is: Barack Obama (full name: Barack Hussein Obama II).

Is there a city in New Mexico that starts with an x?

There are no cities in New Mexico that begin with the letter x. If you need the letter x for New Mexico, Xanadu Place is the name of a street in Roswell, New Mexico.

Why did the Spaniards name their new colony Mexico?

because they found wealth in Mexico, so hoping they found it there they named it New Mexico

How did New Mexico the land of enchantment get its name?

the real reason is that New Mexico got its state name by being ruled by the Spaniards and then being named the "NEW" MEXICO. the nick name was given because of its rich history and scenic beauty.