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I'm not trying to be mean but he probably wouldn't tell you!

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Why did you make Minecraft?

Notch made it,not me!

Did notch make tekkit?

No, Notch only made minecraft. Tekkit is alot of difrent minecraft mods in a modpack.

How did notch make Minecraft on the computer?

notch used programming which i have no idea how to do but long minecraft commands are pretty much the same thing.

When will Notch make 1.02?

Notch will continue to update Minecraft. The answer is most likely yes.

How do you find notch on Minecraft?

You can't find Notch at all on minecraft, he isn't an NPC, he did play minecraft as the Notch minecraft account, but has stopped because he wanted to do other things.

Who is notch from Minecraft?

Notch is the creator and founder of Minecraft, and created the company Mojang

Why did notch made Minecraft?

notch made minecraft as a hobby in his free time.

Is there a temple of Notch in Minecraft?

No there is no such thing for of a temple of notch in minecraft because they would have posted that they had made it in the minecraft forums.

How do you get Notch on Minecraft?

You can't get Notch on Minecraft, he's not a playable character. You can download his skin just to wear, but otherwise, no, there is no Notch character in Minecraft ~Hope I helped! ~Tim

Will they make minecraft for 3ds?

Only Microsoft has the rights and Notch for Pc

Can you make your own items in minecraft 1.2.5?

No. But you could email notch about it.

Did Chuck Norris make minecraft?

No, that was Markus Persson, AKA Notch.

Where does notch live in minecraft?

Notch is not a mob in minecraft. Notch is the name dubbed by fans for the creator of minecraft, Markus Persson. He is often used in minecraft animations where he lives in a mansion or in the clouds, but he does not exist in the game.

How much does the creator of minecraft make?

Notch makes LOTS and LOTS of money.

How do you make a snake in Minecraft?

you cant! Mabye Notch will add snakes later:)

Who is notch in Minecraft?

Notch is the creator of Minecraft and is the former owner of the company Mojang AB.Notch is the man who created Minecraft. However, he has quit Mojang and has stated he no longer even plays the game.

Who is Notch?

Markus Persson, also known as Notch is the founder of minecraft

Does Notch mod his minecraft?

Yes, Notch tries community mods.

What is notch's plan for Minecraft?

Notch is no longer in charge of Minecraft :(

When did Notch invent Minecraft?

Minecraft was released in May 2009.

Where was the first country have the game Minecraft?

Notch is Swedish and was living in Sweden when he created Minecraft. Notch was the first person to play Minecraft, so technically Sweden was the first country to have Minecraft.

How do you make gunpowder in Minecraft PE?

You can't.... Notch haven't add Creepers in PE.

Who is the maker of Minecraft?

A swedish man, Markus Persson, who goes by "Notch". Most minecraft plyers make him somewhat of a demigod (as do I). Now, some people in his coompany code the game, but Notch programmed most of it.

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