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It was started in 1916 under Mary Ware Dennett and was called the National Birth Control League, although Margaret Sanger is usually the one credited with founding of Planned Parenthood. Then when Margaret Sanger took over the name was changed to American Birth Control League. In 1942 the center changed its' name to its' current name Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

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What is the budget of Planned Parenthood?

The budget of Planned Parenthood is 1,040,000,000 dollars.

Who does planned parenthood support democrats or republicans?

Both Democrats and Republicans support Planned Parenthood.

Who sued who in planned parenthood v casey?

planned parenthood sued the Pennsylvania law.

How many planned parenthood clinics are in the US?

There are 850 planned parenthood locations in the U.S.

Who are most of planned parenthood patients?

Most Planned Parenthood patients are women in their 20s.

What is local planned parenthood?

Local means the Planned Parenthood clinic in your neighborhood or closest to you.

Are the Girl Scouts an arm of planned parenthood?

Not possible, Girl Scouts predate planned parenthood.

Does Wendy Davis support planned parenthood?

Wendy Davis supports Planned Parenthood according to her platform.

Where is the planned parenthood in Tennessee?

Addresses, maps and services to Planned parenthood clinics in Tennessee can be found in the link below.

Can a 15 year old go to Planned Parenthood alone If so what do you have to bring?

Yes, a 15 year old can go to Planned Parenthood alone. In order to find out what to bring, call your local Planned Parenthood.

Does Sherman way planned parenthood have free morning after pills?

Planned Parenthood works on a sliding scale by income or donations.

Do planned parenthood condoms work?

Yes of course they do. Planned Parenthood is working with contraceptives so they are not giving out bad condoms.

What was the result of Planned Parenthood v Casey?

planned parenthood won the caseThat states had some rights in restricting abortions

When was Planned Parenthood first opened?

Planned Parenthood was first opened in year 1916. Planned Parenthood is the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York and it has a long and impressive history.

Where are Planned Parenthood locations in Texas?

There are Planned Parenthood locations all over Texas. There are 20 Centers in the state of Texas. There are locations from Addison to Waco and many in between. To find the one nearest you - contact Planned Parenthood.

Does planned parenthood offer vasectomies?

Some Planned Parenthood locations offer vasectomies; all can refer to a provider who performs vasectomies.

How influential is planned parenthood?

The abortion-giant is among the task force responsible for creating the SIECUS material. This was crafted by planned parenthood.

Does Susan G Komen donate to Planned Parenthood?

YES! It is not on the website, but yes, they do support Planned Parenthood.Considering Planned Parenthood do screening for breast cancer and others type of cancer in both men in women it makes perfect sense.

Can you get a pregnancy blood test at planned parenthood?

Yes you can. Planned Parenthood clinicians can order qualitative or quanitative tests depending on the reason for the test.

Can planned parenthood help?

Planned Parenthood is a great resource for both men and women who require help or advice regarding sex and reproductive issues. Planned Parenthood can assist with medical exams and provide contraception, as well as an array of other services.

Can condoms be mailed to you from planned parenthood?

Some Planned Parenthood offices will mail condoms. Contact your local health center for information specific to your location.

What percent of mammograms does planned parenthood provide on national basis?

Planned Parenthood DOES NOT perform mammograms onsite, but they do refer and pay for a local provider to do so.

Is Planned parenthood a supporter of March of Dimes?

Both Planned Parenthood and the March of Dimes are interested in lowering the rate of preterm birth and infant mortality.

Will Planned Parenthood explain how to become a surrogate mother?

Yes, Planned Parenthood will explain to you the process of becoming a surrogate mother. They might even have a guide.

Can you go to planned parenthood if you have no insurance?

Yes, you can go to Planned Parenthood with or without insurance. They will help you find out about programs to pay for your care, and most offer sliding-scale fees based on your income.As of this writing, Planned Parenthood does work with uninsured patients on a sliding scale.

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