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Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization which provides reproductive health and maternal and child health services. Planned Parenthood offers services such as abortions, tests for STDs, vasectomies, tubal litigation, pregnancy testing, and many other things. Questions and answers about America's largest reproductive health service provider can be found here.

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Planned Parenthood

Does Planned Parenthood offer STD testing to a minor without parent consent?

Yes, the law says a minor can get STD-testing, pregnancy testing and prenatal care without parents consent.

Planned Parenthood

How accurate are planned parenthood pregnancy tests?

Very. Just like you would test at a hospital.

However, many of them charge for pregnancy tests. To find a clinic that offers just as accurate tests for free, go to, call 1-800-712-HELP or text "HELPLINE" to 313131

Birth Control
Planned Parenthood

Does planned parenthood give birth control for free?

Not normally. There are different state and local programs in different areas. In our area, prices are on a sliding scale based on income. There's a program sponsored by the state for which you can apply to get free services. Call your local Planned Parenthood office to find out what programs are available where you live.

Planned Parenthood

Does planned parenthood do drug tests on pregnant women?

they may test them for diseases to see if its dangerous to the baby

Planned Parenthood

Does American Girl support planned parenthood?

Yes; many have taken their children out of the girl scouts for this reason.

Planned Parenthood

What does Planned Parenthood do besides abortions?

Planned Parenthood ServicesPlanned Parenthood provides many health services besides abortion. Some of the services/facilities Planned Parenthood provides include:
  • Screening for cancer
  • Contraceptives
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Vaccinations
  • Affordable health care
  • Advocating for state/federal policies that advance health care
  • Pregnancy options counseling
  • Sexual health education
  • Menopause treatments
  • Adoption referral to other agencies
  • STD testing
  • Vasectomies
  • Tubal litigations

According the 2009 Planned Parenthood fact sheet, the number of services by category are as follows:

  • 35% STD testing/treatment
  • 35% contraception
  • 16% cancer screening/prevention
  • 10% other women's health services
  • 3% abortion services
  • 1% other
Planned Parenthood

Who does planned parenthood support democrats or republicans?

Republicans are generally opposed to planned parenthood, and democrats for it

Planned Parenthood

How can you tell who the father is?

Ask your doctor the estimated date of conception. This should give you a better idea of who it might be. You should also have a test done on the baby and the two men to determine which one the father. This will probably be the only way to know for sure. I hope you get all this settled and good luck. Hope this answers your question.

I have a friend that is about 6weeks pregnant,and she had sexual intercourse with two guys around the some time she concieved.One guy "PULLED OUT",butwhose to say pre-ejeculation doesn't work?(Does IT?)But her husband actually ejeculated in her three time,so know she doesn't know!!So you aren't alone.Get the two men to take a DNA test to find out the paternity of your child it deserves that much.LOL

Planned Parenthood

Is planned parenthood free?

They provide services on a "sliding scale". Basically, it's what you can afford.
The answer depends on your local Planned Parenthood, whether your state provides funding for family planning through Planned Parenthood and other Title X agencies, the reason for your visit (must meet federal Title X guidelines), and your income and family size. Contact your local Planned Parenthood to find out if there are programs in your area that help provide free services. For instance, in New York, some patients may get free services through Title X sliding scale, Family Planning Benefits Program, 24-month extension coverage after a Medicaid-covered pregnancy, or presumptive Medicaid eligibility for pregnancy coverage.

Planned Parenthood

Can Planned parenthood give std results over phone?

As with any health care provider, they can do so if the patient has expressly given permission for results to be released over the phone.

Planned Parenthood

Why are people against planned parenthood?

For the simple reason they perform medical abortions. The shame is that there is not enough clinics in the US and the majority of all their work contains of birth control, help for pregnant women and cancer screenings for men and women. Abortions is just about 3-4% of everything they do and not even all clinics do it and it is legal. if there were no PPL all the patients would have to go to other clinics and the hospitals and the lines would be longer then ever and many would get care too late. With cancer it's crucial to find it early to have the best outcome.

Planned Parenthood

How did Planned Parenthood originate?

It was started in 1916 under Mary Ware Dennett and was called the National Birth Control League, although Margaret Sanger is usually the one credited with founding of Planned Parenthood. Then when Margaret Sanger took over the name was changed to American Birth Control League. In 1942 the center changed its' name to its' current name Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

Planned Parenthood

Does planned parenthood provide abortions?

Some of the clinics do, not all.

Planned Parenthood

Does American Cancer Society donate to Planned Parenthood?


Planned Parenthood

Can a planned parenthood appointment be canceled?

Of course, why couldn't it be? Just call the place and tell them you will have to cancel or reschedule.

Planned Parenthood

Can a positive test from Planned Parenthood be wrong?

All tests have a risk of false positive and false negative results. The likelihood of false positive/negative results depends on the type of test done. In the case of a pregnancy test, the rate of false positive results is very low. If you're wondering about another type of test, write again.

Planned Parenthood

What was the result of Planned Parenthood v Casey?

planned parenthood won the case

That states had some rights in restricting abortions

Planned Parenthood

24 hour phone line for planned parenthood?

800 230 PLAN

Planned Parenthood

How many abortions does Planned Parenthood perform per year?

They write in their annual report that you find on their home page, that for 2011-2012 they performed 333,964 abortions.

See related link for a summary of all services provided by planned parenthood.

Planned Parenthood

Is AARP a supporter of Planned Parenthood?


Planned Parenthood

What are RN salaries at planned parenthood?

The answer varies widely depending on geographic location, skill level, and job responsibilities.

Planned Parenthood

Is there a Planned Parenthood in Mississippi?

There is one Planned Parenthood in Mississippi. It is located in Hattiesburg. 6111 U.S. Highway 49, Suite 119, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, P: 601.296.6001, F: 601.268.1222

The services it provides are: Birth control services, emergency contraception, patient education, pregnancy testing and services.

Planned Parenthood

How much is the morning after pill at planned parenthood?

At our local Planned Parenthood affilliate, the morning after pill is free for patients -- those seen for testing, physical exam or treatment in the last year -- as it's covered by a grant. For those who aren't patients, the price is $20.

Planned Parenthood

Do you need an adult to go to Planned Parenthood?

Just to talk to them no but it depends on what you want to have done.

Planned Parenthood

Does planned parenthood do ultrasounds?

This company will do ultrasounds. I don't think they charge you for this service. They will give you an appointment.


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