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Q: How did Reagan attempt to reduce the role of government in American life?
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What was Nixon's attempt to reduce federal restrictions called?

This was called New Federalism. Both President Nixon and President Reagan tried to reduce the powers of the federal government and give these powers back to the state.

What policies and actions did Reagan take to limit or reduce the size of government?

He fired all of the air traffic controllers

What were Ronald Reagan's main goals as president?

I only know that his main goal was to shrink Government. Reagan also wanted people to be noticed whom should have been noticed. Reagan felt Government "belittled" people whom had done great things for this country

What was Ronald Reagan's education policy?

Ronald Reagan tried to dismantle the United States Department of Education which did not succeed, but he did reduce funding for education. His belief was that the federal government should have less involvement in education.

What did the government do the reduce violence against African American after the civil war?


What was Ronald Reagan's threefold agenda upon taking office in 1981?

Reagan wished to improve the economy, have a smaller government, less bureaucracy , freer markets, reduce power of labor unions, and less government involvement in business.

One of president reagan's main goals was to?

cut back on government regulation of business and industry.

What is tea party all about?

The tea party movement is an attempt to reduce the size of American Government and the intrusion of government into people's lives. While many people involved in it are extremely religious, the movement itself differs from the right wing movement of the last 30 years by not involving religion.

Reagan believed deregulation was necessary to?

help reduce cost for industries is my guess

Why did Reagan want to reduce government regulations?

he didn't, it was all smoke and mirrors, he pulled the proverbial wool over the American public's eyes which isn't all that hard to do. The truth is the size of gov actually grew during his presidency as did the debt and deficit. He tripled the size of the deficit to 3 trillion $.

What the government can reduce gender discrimination?

What the government can reduce gender discrimination?

What was the main purpose of the tax cuts Reagan supported?

to eliminate deductions and reduce rates.