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The Puritans controlled Massachusetts and religious toleration was practiced in Rhode Island.

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Q: How did Roger Williams's is colony of providence differ from the Puritan colony of Massachusetts?
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How did roger Williams' colony of providence differ from the puritan colony of Massachusetts?

6 Years.

What religon was represented in the Massachusetts bay colony?


What Society of Massachusetts Bay colony?

Strongly Puritan

Did the Separatist Plymouth Colony strongly influence Puritan Massachusetts Bay?

No, the Anglican church influenced Puritan Massachusetts Bay.

What New England Colony was founded by Puritans?

Primarily Pilgrims were in Plymouth (Massachusetts), but the Puritans got the charter for Massachusetts Bay Colony. Philadelphia was a secular colony established by a Quaker, but that isn't quite New England. Providence (Rhode island) Colony was established by a Baptist, Roger Williams after the Puritans gave him the boot from Salem. Connecticut Colony was started by Puritan Thomas Hooker.

The Puritan colony of Massachusetts did not encourage religious freedom?


Did The Puritan colony of Massachusetts did not encourage religious freedom.?


Where were the Puritan colonies aside from Massachusetts?

Some of them were New Hampshire and Connecticut. A little known Puritan colony existed on an island off the coast of Nicaragua. It was called Providence Island, and only existed from 1630 - 1641. See Karen Ordahl Kupperman's book, Providence Island for more detailed information on the obscure settlement.

Who fled persecution in Massachusetts and founded providence?

Mary Dyer was a women in Colonial times who Expressed Quaker beliefs in a Puritan Colony. That means that she only worshiped God not the King.

What was the reason for the settlement in providence?

The settlement in Providence was founded by Roger Williams in 1636 as a refuge for those seeking religious freedom. Williams, a dissenter from the Puritan church in Massachusetts Bay Colony, established Providence as a place where all individuals could freely practice their beliefs without interference from the government.

What happened to dissenters of Puritan rules in Massachusetts?

they were forced to leave their colony.

Who had a conflict with the puritan leaders in the Massachusetts bay colony?

roger Williams