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He called it a "day of infamy".

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How did Americans and the Japanese react to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

They declared war on Japan after the attack.

How was the US affected by the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Had to immediately react to violence.

How did the US react toward the attack of pearl harbor?

they droped nuclear bombs on japan

What made Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor so devastating?

The incoming attack was totally unexpected. The defending troops had no time to react.

How did Franklin D. Roosevelt react to Pearl Harbor?

The day after pearl harbor Roosevelt (FDR) asked congress to declare war on japan.FDR called December 7th "a date which will live in infamy [disgrace]." Germany, an ally of Japan, then declared war on the US.

How did the US and the Japanese react to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese were angry at the US beacause they were in war and they were losing so they did the attack on Pearl Harbor because they thought if they did it would give them a chance to win but the US were getting all the woman and children out of harms way so they could attack.

How did the u.s. react toward the attack?

This question needs clarification. Which attack? Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese? They reacted with sadness, anger, confusion and a desire to take revenge on Japan.

How did your country react to Pearl Harbor?

With a declaration of war.

How did the US react during pearl Harbor?

Declared war.

How did the American people react to the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

With righteous indignation.

How did the US react when japan bombed the pearl harbor?

They declared war on Japan.

How did Americans react to the bombing to Pearl Harbor?

Before WWII, 88% of Americans opposed American intervention in "Europe's War." FDR himself tried several ways to avoid intervention by passing the Lend-Lease Act with Britain. He wanted to avoid war but try to help the Allies win. After that plan failed, his only choice was deliberate provocation of the Japanese in order to enter the war, defeat Germany, and preserve democracy and national security. Due to the Pearl Harbor attack, Roosevelt knew that the people would want revenge against the Japanese and would want to enter the war. MORE AMERICANS AFTER THE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR SUPPORTED INTERVENTION IN THE WAR THAN BEFORE THE ATTACK. source: I did a debate on Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory for my APUSH class.

What did Americans react to japanese-Americans as a result of the attack on pearl harbor?

most Japanese Americans were treated badly by Americans there were mass movements of them to camps to prevent espionage

How did the US government react to the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

They reacted almost immediately by going to war against Japan, the very day after pearl harbor the desicion was made to go to war

Why didnt the Japanese land troops on Pearl Harbor during World War 2?

Japanese soldiers didn't land troops at pearl harbor because the army would have seen the carrier coming. A plane attack was much quicker, and it gave the U.S. less time to react and organize a counter-offense.

Why did it take so long for the US to react to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

We had to get all of our naval vessels out of mothballs. Many had been decommissioned and designated for destruction. Many of these same vessells saw extensive conflict in the South Seas.

How did the us navel and air forces react to the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

They joined WW2 and bombed japan to make them surrender

How did the people at pearl harbor react when the first ship was bombed?

they startd to bomb Germany and then people stuck up for them and the war started

How did people react after the attack of pearl harbor?

It depends on who you were. The family of the people killed in the attack were extremely mad. The people that had no connection to it what so ever were not that happy about it but they didn't have the feeling of loss to aid there hatred. Also people thought that that was the last straw. So ultimately they wanted a war so we could attack them our their home ground. So we had WWII

How did the us react when the axis powers became aggressive?

They didn't do anything until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Then they started the Pacific War

How did the US react to japans attack?

The Congress declared war, and Roosevelt asked Doolittle to stage a raid on Japan to boost morale.

Why were the Japanese so successful in the 6 months after pearl harbor?

Japan and Germany had prepared for war. The rest of the world had to "react" to it and were not as prepared as they should have been.

How did the US react to the attacks on Pearl harbor?

General Doolittle led a raid against Tokyo and other Japanese cities to raise US morale.

How did us react to Pearl Harbor?

We declared war on Japan the next day. It led to the involuntary internment of Japanese-Americans out of fear of them maintaining loyalties to Japan.

How did the United states react to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

President Roosevelt declared war on Japan and American forces began to get ready for war. Germany declared war on the United States because they were an ally with Japan. So a two front War was forming. In 1945 after 4 years of war American forces will drop two atomic bombs on Japan. In the Hiroshima bomb 80,000 people were killed instantly.