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In brief, Rosseau believed in the natural goodness of man; that humans were corrupted by the greed and competition of civilization. He believed in a social utopia, of humans returning to natural harmony, being made free of vices and sharing a natural equality and a general will.

These ideas appealed to many people, including some of the people instrumental in the events leading to the French Revolution, such as the oath at the Tennis Court. In a country where a wealthy minority indulged themselves while hundreds of thousands suffered from severe poverty and inflation, people yearned for a basic equality, natural or government ordained. Many felt that if the general will (or the will of the people) was for change, that the current government was expected to make compromises. The First Estate of the French government was against these changes, the Second Estate was to some extent and later cast its lot in with the Third Estate. Later the idea of a utopian government changed to 'the will of the people' (although how successful this was carried out can be debated, in both France and the U.S.) Maximillien Robespierre, who played an important part in the middle to later events in the Revolution and was one of the architects of the Terror, was deeply influenced in his youth by Rousseau's writings.

(You can easily research the oath of the Tennis Court, The three Estates, and Rousseau online.)

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Q: How did Rousseau inspire the French Revolution?
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Who is ideas helped inspire the French Revolution?

Rousseau's ideas inspire many leaders of the French Revolution. Rousseau fought for individual freedom. He though that a direct democracy was the best form of government.

Who was father of the French Revolution?

Jean Jacques Rousseau is called the father of french revolution.

His ideas helped inspire the french revolution?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the inspiration behind the French Revolution. The leaders of the revolt praised his concept of undivided sovereignty. In his book, "The Social Contract", he stated that the government can't exist unless it looks out for the welfare and equality of its citizens.

What revolutions did the French Revolution inspire?

One revolution the French Revolution inspired was the Latin Revolutions such as the ones in Haiti and Mexico.

In what ways did the American Revolution inspire the French to formulate their own revolution?

The ways the Americans revolution inspire the french to formulate their own revolution is they gave them some ideas to take with them.

What document inspired the french revolution?

Rousseau's Social Contract

What events did the American revolution inspire in other countries?

The American Revolution inspired the French Revolution.

Who were the philosophers during French Revolution?

voltaire,rousseau,montesquieu and diderot

Whose teachings inspired the French Revolution?


Rousseau was known as father of french revolution?

A :) n French

How did the enlightenment and the American revolution inspire the French revolution?

Here is a page with pretty good info on the french revolution.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ideas were most important to which movement?

french revolution

Enlightenment ideas influenced the events of the french revolution?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

What did Jean-Jacques Rousseau do and how did that influence the french Revolution?

He wrote a book about government

How did john Locke inspire the french revolution?

because they think it will work

Does Montesquieu have a role in the French Revolution?

Not really. Rousseau, another enlightened philosophe, did, however.

How did Rousseau influence American Revolution?

He didn't. The American Founders were aghast at the French Revolution and suspicious of anything originating from that country.

How did Rousseau influence people?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a writer that influenced the French Revolution. He wrote historical novels about romance and the grandeur of being a citizen.

What significant american event helped inspire the french revolution?

It was the French Revolution because began in 1789 and was inspired by the American Revolution. It became very radical and eventually the King was beheaded well.

Was the french revolution original or did they copy another nations idea?

Many of the ideas in the French Revolution were first expressed in the American Declaration of Independence. The concept of the Committee of Public Safety came from the United States. Many of the ideas in the French Revolution came from Rousseau and Voltaire, especially Rousseau. It has given the two governments a decidedly different outlook. Rousseau has the French government far more involved in the lives of the citizens than the American government.

The founding fathers got what idea from Rousseau?

The American Revolution, his political philosophy influenced the French Revolution, as well.

Whose ideas inspired the French Revolution?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is most commonly named.

What were the achievements of jean Jacques Rousseau in the french revolution?

Social Contract and Discourse on the sciences and the arts

What enlightenment thinker did napoleon follow?

He was a follower of Rousseau and a supported many ideas of the French Revolution.

Jean Jacques Rosseau influence early American government?

No. John Locke influenced the American revolution. Rousseau influenced the French revolution.