How did Stargirl find that name for herself?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: How did Stargirl find that name for herself?
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How did Stargirl get her name'?

She named herself. Her real name is Susan.

Why does Stargirl name herself?

Because she feels het name changes when she changes, so she changes her name whenever it doesnt suit her to somthing that suits her.

In the book Stargirl what is Stargirl pet's name?

cinnamon. its a rat.

What does Stargirl mean when she talks about being erase?

It is how Stargirl describes her meditation, when she meditates she "erases" herself into the land, so that she is absolutely nothing.

What did Stargirl do on hot seat?

she got all wet` and fingered herself --(|)

What is your first reaction to the name Stargirl in the book Stargirl?

that is a dumb question

What is Stargirl's friend's name?

Leo Barlock walls in love with stargirl. Dory Dillson is stargirls friend

Can you name a Girl Stargirl?

you can but their may be a posibility of kids laughing at her of her name

In the book Stargirl she has a rat what is the name?

Cinnamon the rat

What happened at the end of Stargirl?

In the end, stargirl moves to ? And poor old Leo goes to Archie and finds stargirl little creativity place. And the question mark is for you to read the sequel.

What do you find out at the beginning of chapter 16?

that stargirl started to be nice

What point of view Stargirl written why?

How about you actually read it, and find out.