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Its simple, one tribe or "Trade Groups" would go up to the settlers or the U.S. forts and simply trade. Both sides usually got what they wanted. But the White mans goods had diseases that the Lakota had never encountered. Because of this, many Lakota died.

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Q: How did The Sioux trade goods?
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Who did the Sioux trade with?

they Sioux traded with other people and Sioux.

What goods did the Sioux trade for what?

i dont know much but they probably traded animal skins because the buffalo was there #1 resource

What other goods did Egyptians trade their goods for?

They trade whatever they could trade.

Define Visible Trade?

Visible trade is when you trade in goods. This goods that you can trade are things that can be touched and weighed.

Did Sioux trade at trading posts?


What did the Sioux trade?

the Sioux Indians traded buffaloes for corn. they traded with their linguistic cousins the Mandan and Hidatsa

What are the trade goods of Pennsylvania?

Fish, cars and trumpets are the main trade goods.

What did the Sioux Indians trade?

the Sioux Indians traded buffaloes for corn. they traded with their linguistic cousins the Mandan and Hidatsa

What did the Sioux trade with other Indian tribes?

the Sioux Indians traded buffaloes for corn. they traded with their linguistic cousins the Mandan and Hidatsa

What did the Europeans bring to the Sioux land?

Disturbing things like: * The Iron Horse. * The Singing Wire. * Forts. * The plow. Wonderful things like: * The rifle. * The horse. * Cloth. * Other marvelous trade goods.

What trade goods were a souce Of West Africa's Wealth?

What trade goods were a source of west Africa's wealth

What goods do the Philippines trade?

They trade goods such as: Boats, Coconut Milk, and crude oil.

Where did finished goods flow in the triangular trade?

Finished goods flow in the triangular trade from Europe to Africa.

How did Sioux trade with other Indians?

The plains Sioux traded furs, buffalo hides, and horses. The East coast Sioux traded poop, The Saponi Sioux was one of the main traders among the East coast indians.

Who were the first Europeans or Americans that Sioux first had contact with?

The French explorer Jean Nicolet mentioned the Sioux people in 1640 but it is unlikely that he actually met them. The first contact was more likely in 1660, when the near-starving expedition led by Radisson and Groseillers wintered in Minnesota and were visited by some very curious Sioux. It is also certain that the Sioux encountered French influence long before they met Radisson - the French were supplying guns and metal goods to the Ojibwas, who used them to attack the Sioux and begin to force them westwards. Horses and trade goods found their way to the Sioux long before the first contact with white Europeans; ironically it was the horse, introduced by Europeans, that permitted the Sioux to become Plains dwellers and establish a Plains culture; it was also the whites who ended Plains culture less than 200 years later.

To trade for goods and services?

barterThe trade goods and service means to transfer the ownership of something. This could be trading many different goods that you own.

What is difference between industry trade and commerce?

industry is the place where goods are manufactured trade is the related to exchange of goods commerce is related to distribution of goods

What trade goods did europeans find available in Africa?

the trade goods found available in africa were gold and ivory

What goods does Spain trade with the US?

some goods are guitars

What did the Phoenicians get in trade?

They expanded from direct trade - exchanging goods, to carriage trade where the multiplied their trading by carrying goods between other regions. This trade covered foodstuffs, wines, timber, minerals, precious items, fabrics, other manufactured goods and artwork.

What did the algonquin get in a trade?


What is a trade?

A trade involves the transfer of the ownership of goods and services

What were the slaves exchanged for in americ?

trade goods for the salves trade

The triangular trade was an example of trading some goods for other goods The name generally used for this kind of trade is?


The triangular trade was an example of trading some good for other good is the name generally you used for this kind of trade is?

The triangular trade which was an example of trading goods for the other goods is the type of trade called the barter trade.