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The Cherokee Indians didn't use any currency until they had contact with the Europians. They did have a barter system which worked quite well. Deer skins was probably the most used barter item. Copper, Shells and gemstones were used as barter.

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Q: What is the money called that the Cherokee Indians used?
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Did the Cherokee Indians call themselves Cherokee?

No, the name we used was Tsalagi. But later, Cherokee was adopted

Did Cherokee Indians use wood?

Yes, the Cherokee Indians used wood. They mainly used it for tools and weapons. From it, they made items like arrows, bows, pipes, and more.

What kinds of tools did the Cherokee Indians use?

There Cherokee Indians used several types of weapons for hunting and protection. They used arrowheads, bows and arrows, tomahawks, stones, and blowguns.

What did Indians use for money?

The Indians did not have money they used the trading system.

What is skills were used for Cherokee Indians?

Cherokee Native Americans skills are pottery blowgun and bead crafts

What did the Algonquin Indians use for money?

The Algonquin Indians used wampums for money.

What kinds of weapons did the Cherokee Indians use?

The Cherokee Indians used mostly hand and battle weapons like hatchets, bows, daggers, and staves. They also did mostly hunting with bows and arrows. The Cherokee Indians were my ancestors, and I hope I answered your questions! :)

What type of money did the pomo Indians use?

The Pomo Indians used beads(shells) for money.

Transportation by Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee tribe used travious(pulled by dogs)and horses(after the spanish came)walk or,use canoes.

What did the Cherokee Indians used to fight?

In the 1840 what groups did the pioneers travel to the orgen trail?

What are some of the natural resources the Cherokee Indians used?

trees, stones water animals.

What modern weapons did the Cherokee Indians use?

They used bow and arrows, just like we do.

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