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Q: How did Washington respond to the whiskey rebellion?
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How did Washington respond the whiskey rebellion?

led an army to stop it

How did Thomas Jefferson respond to President Washington's actions during the Whiskey Rebellion?

the way george washinton responded to the Whiskey Rebellion was he hated the idea.

How did president George Washington respond to the whiskey rebellion?

He sent in U.S. Marshals to put it down.

How did George Washington react to the Whiskey Rebellion?

George Washington did react to the whiskey rebellion by sending many federal soldiers who crushed the rebellion.

What did washingtons respond to the whiskey rebellion show?

By George Washington choosing to put down the Whiskey Rebellion himself, he showed that the country's issues were important to him and that he was more than a decision maker and figurehead.

Who was the Whiskey rebellion President?

George Washington

What was Washington's crisis as president?

The Whiskey Rebellion.

How did the Whiskey Rebellion reveal George Washington's concern with national security?

George Washington was concerned by the whiskey rebellion because Alexander Hamilton wanted the leaders of the rebellion executed and George Washington was a leader of the rebellion.

Who led the army that suppressed the whiskey rebellion?

George Washington led the army during the whiskey Rebellion.

What was Washington's response to the whiskey rebellion?

in 1794 president Washington sent nearly 15,000 troops to crush the whiskey rebellion. Sebastian Aguirre

How did the government respond to the Whiskey Rebellion?

Washington put an end to the rebellions and arrested 20 of the rebels who had fled

What came first XYZ affair or whiskey Rebellion?

The Whiskey Rebellion came first, in 1794 when Washington was President.

What was an outcome of the whiskey rebellion'?

Washington showed that he would enforce Federal Laws as president as a result of the Whiskey Rebellion.

What was an outcome of the Whiskey Rebellion?

Washington showed that he would enforce federal laws as president as a result of the Whiskey Rebellion.

Why did the whiskey rebellion occur?

The whiskey rebellion happened because George washington had a national debt and taxed people on the whiskey to pay the debt.

How did Hamilton and Washington see the whiskey rebellion?

Hamilton and Washington saw the Whiskey rebellion as a sign that the people were not happy with the high tax rates that they were paying.

What city and county in SW Pennsylvania was a focal point in the Whiskey Rebellion?

The City of Washington in Washington County PA was a focal point in the Whiskey Rebellion.

Who was President at the time of the Whiskey Rebellion?

It was George Washington

Who was president during whiskey rebellion?

George Washington

What precedent did Washington set for whiskey rebellion?


Washington sent troops to stop this protest of a whiskey tax?

I believe that the answer is The Whiskey Rebellion

How did Washington handle the whisky rebellion?

Washington taxed the people who were holding the whiskey

How old was Washington during the whiskey rebellion?

Washington was 62 years old when he led the troops against this rebellion.

Which rebellion provided Washington with an opportunity to show the strength of the new nation?

Whiskey Rebellion

Why did George Washington call up an army to crush the whisky rebellion?

George Washington called up an army to crush the Whiskey Rebellion because Hamilton and Washington saw the Whiskey Rebellion as a threat to the authority of the national government.