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Britain has already been in an economic decline, both they and France owed USA millions of dollars, meaning they had huge loans, and the damage cost roughly 20 billion pounds... Naturally things didn't get much better since the production was slow later, etc

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Q: How did World War 1 effect the British economy?
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What was the effect of world war 2 on the economy?

WW2 was disastrous for the British econmy and took many years to recover.

How did World War 2 effect the British economy?

the war had a negative effect on Britain. They lost many citizens and soldiers in the war. their cities were also in shambles because of the German bombers.

Effect of first world war on Indian economy?

as the war needs of british army grew they began to buy Indian textiles which was in a decline paving way to the growth of Indian economy

What effect did World War 2 have on American economy?

The economy greatly expanded.

What effect did World War 1 and World War 2 have on the American economy?

it put us in debt

How did World War 1 effect the economy of the UK?


What effect did World War 1 have on the Australia economy?

very little

How did World War 1 effect the global economy of counteries including countries that were not in war at that time?

=a lot!!!=

How did World War I effect the class system?

world war 1 had a profound effect on the british class system due to traditional roles having to change to adapt to the war.

How does war effect unemployment?

The unemployment effect of war economy is destructive.

How did World War 2 effect the US economy?

It helped rebuild it after the Great Depression

What positive effect did world war 2 have on California's economy?

it made california awesome

How did Japan's actions in World War 2 effect Australia?

It went on a war economy, with food and clothing rationed.

How did the state of the British economy after 1918 contribute to putting the world at war in 1945?

Broadly, the main issue with the British economy after 1918 was that it relied on the British Empire, which therefore dragged many countries into the Second World War. For more information one can look at the Wikipedia article on this topic.

Did World War 2 have a negative effect no effect or a positive effect on Georgia's economy?

It brought prosperity to Georgia. By doing this, millions of federal dollars poured into the Georgian economy increasing its strength

How was the Nazi Germany economy during World War 2?

As with all wars, it strained the government budget, which in effect worsened the economy.

What was true of the US economy after World War 2?

After World War 2, the US had the strongest economy in the world.

How did the end of World War 2 effect the U.S Economy?

World War II got the U.S. out of the Great Depression and never got any worse from there.

What effect did the end of World War 2 have on the us economy?

It effected the World's economy. The economy was poor before the war because people were still getting over World War I and the 1929 Great Dperession. World War II just brought down the economy more. If you could imagine paying that much money for 2 wars at almost the same time. It cost a lot.

How did World War 2 Effect the US Economy And Government?

It effected us, not at all. You see, the US was merely an alliance, not a part of the war, therefor no economy or government was put out of its place.

How did World War 2 effect different countries economy?

it realy affected countries economy it made countries like America control world economy and other countries like third world countries in abadfinancial and cultural condition

Which of these is true of Alabama economy after world war 2?

What are the options?

What was the effect of civil war on US economy?

it weakened it

Did the civil war effect economy?

yes, it weakened it.

How did Iraq war effect the economy?

i destroyed it all of it