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WW1 soldiers sent letters by a pigeon or dogs but they did also have trench post box

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Q: How did World War 1 soldiers send letters?
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How did soldiers talk to their familys in World War 2?


What did families send peoples in world war 1 and 2?


How did the soldiers comunicate to there families at home in world war 1?

They wrote letters.

What was dug in World War 1 for protection of soldiers that has thirteen letters?


How often did soldiers in world war 1 write letters?

every time they pooped

Why did World War I soldiers write poetry instead of letters?

Soldiers in World War I often turned to poetry as a way to express the intense emotions and experiences they were facing on the front lines. Poetry allowed them to delve deeper into their thoughts and feelings, capturing the horror and complexity of war in ways that traditional letters could not convey. It became a powerful form of creative expression amidst the chaos and devastation of the war.

Did us soldiers send anything home besides letters during world war 2?

The transportation of mail in WW2 was a very delicate matter. Letters home were written & then photographically reduced in size to save weight ! Therefore I suspect the answer was a very definite No.

What would you do when war was declared?

send soldiers

How many troops did France send to war in world war 1 have and what were the down side?

France send more than 8 000 000 soldiers. Lost 1 500 000 of them. In comparison , the UK send 6 000 000 soldiers. Lost 800 000 of them.

Why did NZ go to world war 1?

nz went to war because they were a part of the united kingdom and so were obliged to send soldiers.

How were family members told about a soldiers death during world war 2?

In World War Two, people used to send letters back home to inform loved ones on how they were doing. However, when they died, news was relayed to authorities back home who had the responsibility of informing loved ones about the deceased.

What did the army do to help soldiers write letters home in World War 1?

yeah they did it because they wanted to let there familt that they were alright when the war was going on