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The same as with the US; enemies then, friends now.

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How did industrialization affect the relationship of the US and the world?

Industrialization affected the relationship of the US and the world by changing the consumer market.

Australias involvement in World War 1?

australians involvment in ww1

What was the relationship between China and Japan during post World War 2?

china was having an affair with Korea and japan found out so the relationship was not good

How did Osaka affect Japan's worldview?

Osaka did affect japan to isolate itself from the world view.

Will Japan radiation affects India?

Yes it will affect the whole world.

What was the relationship between the US and Japan like after World War 2?

The US occupied Japan and rebuilt it during the Korean War.

How did World War 2 affect US education?

what i want to know is how did World War 2 affect money for education and in Japan what did the boys do during the war

What was Japan and the US's relationship like in 1880's?

They were friends, but not in World War 2

Who were the allies and enemies of Australia in World War 1?

Australias allies in World War1 were Great Britain, France, Russia and the usa.

What was the relationship between Germany and Japan during World War 2?

They were allies, by signing the "Tripartite Pact."

How did the world war 2 affect economy of japan?

They were poor and had no money. TOTALLY MAJORFUL BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How did china's geography affect its relationship with the rest of the world?

the same as it does today. China has always ruled the world market and always will.

Why did the US help rebuild Japan after World War 2?

United States wanted to be friend with Japan and trade with them. That is why they rebuild Japan, and Japan have a high level of economy, so it would affect the global economy

What is australias role in space exploration?

the parkes telescope in Australia gave the world images of the first moon landing.

How did the use of atomic bombs affect the events of world war2?

it forced japan to surrender to the united staes

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