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How did World War 2 affect German men after the war?


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Jason Jones Got Fast and The Germans had 2 be care full Who they let in or he'd would kill them with his guns or would challenge them to a race and would have 2 kill them if they did not win against him and would over power Germany .. From Ed

Ben Sach is a fail From James is a fail form Suzie x


No just NO!


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how did world war one affect the relations between men and women? how did world war one affect the relations between men and women?

20,000,000About 18 million men fought for Germany in World War 2.

A total of 16 Million men were mobilized in the German army in World War II.

men had to leave so women had to take over their jobs

Men left to go to war and the woman stay to do the mens job

There were a number of restrictions placed on the German Army following World War 1. They were allowed no more than 100,000 men in the military, no conscription and their Navy was limited to 15,000.

13,400,000 men at arms including airmen and naval forces

The German, they were the leaders of Spain etc. and when they lost to many men they lost!

go to men-prisoners of war-internmentcamps in the united states(.com)

There were many variations of the JU-88, but most carried a crew of 4.

They were submarines (German Untersee boat) used to sink ships carring men and materials to war fronts

Yes, many men fought in the world war 1. There were soldiers as well as ordinary men.

there were 2.4 Million men drafted in world war 1

2343 Scotish Men Were In World War 2

They were portrayed as barbaric men often compared to animals.

If it is world war 1, then- Women had a positive affect from the war as they got jobs in ammunition factories as men had to go fight the war. Most wars have proved to provide women with various freedoms, however they have caused destruction to humanity as a whole.

the men had to kill people during the war.

Because they had to take the blame for causing thewar . German land was taken away and given to other countries . German military was limited to only 100,000 men . Germanyhad to pay reparations(paying back the people who won the war

World War II created a labor shortage in America. This resulted in many women entering the workforce to fill jobs previously held by men.

over a million men were killed in world war two

The Kingdom of Serbia had 707,343 men fighting in World War I.

Over 200,000 men died in the trenches of World War 1.

Around 15-20 because you needed around 15 to pilot a sub.

At the beginning there were more on the German side but when the US entered the are it evened out. There are no exact numbers though.

The Wowen had to sleep in a camp away from the men and was't allowed much freedom.

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