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Several colonies suppported their motherlands on the condition that after the war, they would become fully independent (like Canada and several African countries). Other countries, especially in Asia, saw their once all-powerful colonial masters reduced to internment camp inmates by the Japanese which fatally damaged their image of superiority. Japan also had rallied local support in the countries they conquered by advertising their invasions as 'liberation' wars from colonial occupation. After their defeat they left a lot of military hardware for the new nationalist movements to use.

Another result of WW 2 was that it left countries like Britain and France economically broken and practically bankrupt. Hanging on to their former colonial empires would only have been feasible with the financial and military support of the US. But the US had made it a strict matter of policy not to support (and even actively discourage) any effort of re-establishing colonial empires.

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Q: How did World War 2 lead to the end of colonial empires?
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the reason is because Germany were jealous because Britain and France had much empires than them. so this jealousy grew up and made Germany join in the war.

Why is world war 1 important in history?

It's the second biggest World War in history (after WWII). Millions died. It was the end of the Tsar in Russia, and many colonial empires around the world. It introduced the tank to land warfare, and was a massive upheaval from the world that preceded it.

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It did because they were not good empires

What reason was given for opposing the League of Nations?

Both had huge colonial Empires. From Start, the UN and predecessor agencies- such as the League of Nations were very keen on ( self-determination of nations) and this obviously worked against colonial structures. Many Empires unravelled during World War I, Britain and France aimed at keeping their foreign interests intact.

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Did the french an Indian war lead to an increased colonial dependence on Britain?


How was empires a cause of World War 1?

because kombol

How did world war 1 and world war 2 lead some europeans to question colonialism?

Actually the colonies did question it, since the colonial power were weaker after the wars and often the USSR hellped them to become freedom.

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They didn't want a war. They, like the other colonial powers, had much to lose and nothing to gain by going to war. Germany wanted to go to war as they arrived late on the colonial scene and therefore wanted to get some colonies. Since the great colonial empires weren't about to give up their lands and there wasn't really anywhere else to colonise they decided to go to war in the hope of being able to wrestle some land from the empires in the peace settlements (should they have won).

What effected World War I?

Decline of the empires, Changing economies and societies.

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World war 1 was the only war between these empires .