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It got bigger.More people for more jobs.

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Q: How did World Wars 1 and 2 affect Washington?
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How did the machine gun affect the outcome of World War 1?

By helping the us win wars

How many wars did george washington lose?


What were the 2 biggest wars in history that started in Europe?

The two wars were the first and the second world wars.

Why were some wars called World Wars?

Some wars were called World Wars because they were fought with a variety of countries all around the world in different places. An example would be World War 1.

What wars were in 1914?

World War 1

What were the wars between World War 1 and World War 2 called?

There were no major wars to speak of between the two World Wars, and certainly nothing on that sort of scale.

Was the US involved in any wars?

the U.S. was involved in World Wars 1&2

How does world war 1 affect out lives today?

people parents and family members have died and it causes alot of conflict these days and causes more wars... :'(

Was Jamaica involved in world wars 1 and 2?


How did World War 1 affect the civilians?

18 million Russian civilians alone died in ww1.In all wars,civilians account for huge suffering & losses

Which wars did Germany fight in?

Germany have fought in many wars. The main ones are; World War 1, World War 2

How did isolationism affect world war 1?

Isolationism affected World War 1 when President Wilson went to the Versailles Conference. He was the first US President to ever visit Europe because the American citizens wanted to stay out of the wars.

Was remembrance for world war 1 or World War 2?

both wars

Was World War I was the war said to end all wars?

Yes world war 1 was suppose to put an end to all wars.

When was the war to end all wars over?

World war 1 was the war to end all wars

What is one way World War 1 and World War 2 are similar?

There were both WORLD WARS!

What are the wars America has served in?

world war 1&2

Was World War 1 a waste of time?

Most wars are

How was World War 1 different from wars before it?


What is the same in wars today from world war 1?

its war

Were there Olympics during the World Wars?

No they were no Olympics during world war 1 or 2

What made World war 1 unlike previous European wars?

it was a world war

World war nickname in World War 1?

War to end all wars

Whose side was Australia on in world war 1?

Allies for both World Wars.

Was any wars held in Belgium?

World War 1 + World War 2