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How did Yukon River get its name?


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nokuy is Indian for backwards, so they made it backwards and called it Yukon

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the name Yukon has come from the Yukon river witch means great river

There is no Province of Yukon River. The Yukon territory is in Canada's northwest corner and name is connected to the aboriginal name for the major river flowing through it and Alaska.

You are asking what it was named after. It was obviously named after the Yukon River, for it has the same name. But actually, no, it is not. The Yukon River was named after Yukon, not the other way around. Yukon in Gwich'in means Great River, so the great river territory. and then they named the great river, great river.

Yukon gained the name from the Yukon River which in turn came from the Gwich'in language meaning "Great River".

The Yukon got its name from the Kutchin Indian name meaning "great river"

Yukon is from the Gwich'in American Indian language meaning "great river".

There can be several, but the Yukon River (and territory) come to mind.

The Yukon River is located in North America.

the Yukon river is known to be 258m wide

The Yukon Territory gets its name from the Loucheux Indians in the area. They called it Yu-kun-ah, which means 'great river'.

Yukon River is located in North America.

Yukon and Kuskokwim Porcupine River and King Salmon River. Tanana River, Salcha River, Chena River.

The Yukon River is a major watercourse of northwestern North America. The Yukon river is about 258 meters wide and 3185 kilometers long.

No, the Yukon Territory is in Canada and takes its name from the Yukon river which flows through the territory and then into Alaska on its way to the Bering Sea.

The longest river in Alaska is the Yukon River (1,980miles long) YuKon territory it empties into the Bering Sea at the Yukon--Kuskokwim Delta.

The Yukon River flows into the Bering Sea. It also flows through the Yukon territory and the state of Alaska

In the Territory of the Yukon

The Yukon River flows north through Yukon Territory and empties into the Bering Sea at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The Yukon River rises in British Columbia, Canada, then flows through Alaska, making its way to the Yukon.

The Yukon River is the longest river in Alaska. And alot of villages are located on it.

No, that is one of the common misconceptions of the Yukon river. It can't drink yet.

In the south western part of the Yukon Territory, on the Yukon river

The Yukon River is the longest river in Yukon & Alaska. Third longest river in North America, flowing northwest from the Coastal Range mountains of northern British Columbia, through the Yukon Territory and Alaska to the Bering Sea.

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