How did amber evolve?

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If you mean amber the gemstone then this answer holds good.

Amber is not a mineral but time-hardened fossilized resin of the

species of pine called Pinus Succinisera which grew in forests

around 45 million years ago, in the European main land known to us

as the Baltic region today. Amber gem was used by Palaeoliyhic man

in Austria from 45000 -12000 B.C. The nomadic hunters of the

Nesolithic age (12000-4000 B.C.) used amber to hunt animals. They

carved phases of the moon, hunting seasons and the animals that

they hunted on amber.

The Neolithic man (4000-1900 B.C.) started using amber as

decorative articles and jewels. The rich people of these societies

usually owned amber jewelry and used to gift it to their friends

and relatives.

Later, towards the end of the eighth century B.C. the Greeks

started using amber for inlay work in gold and ivory. Romans found

use for amber only in the first century B.C to first century A.D,

where they made rings and vessels out of amber.

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