How did an olivine rock got its name?


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by its color. the color green like an olive.

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Olivine is a mineral, not a rock. The rock rich in olivine, however, is peridotite or komatite.

Dunite is not a common rock but olivine is.

Sand is formed from the breakdown of rocks. If a rock contains large amounts of olivine, then when this rock weathers, olivine sand will be formed. There are beaches in New Zealand that are almost exclusively made of green olivine crystals.

Olivine is the name of the mineral.

No. It is olivine, which is a mineral.

Olivine rocks, (mesospheric rocks).

The uppermost mantle rock is Peridotite, which is mostly olivine and pyroxene but varies somewhat in chemical composition. Generally it is a coarse grained greenish rock. The name peridotite is derived from the gemstone peridot, which is pale green olivine.

Peridotite is made only of olivine and pyroxene

Peridot is gem quality olivine. Olivine is a mineral, not a rock. It is found in mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks.

Olivine is found in space rocks so it is certainly present in all the rock planets.

Mining deep in the Earth cores. Mining deep in the Earth cores. You can also find Olivine in the Igneous rock Pyroxinite. Olivine is the same thing as Peridot

Peridot is gemstone quality olivine, a mineral, not a rock.

Olivine is a mineral. It it usually found as the color of jade green or an olive green mixed with a little bit of yellow.

No. They are generally found inf mafic rock.

It was named after a real rock formation somewhere by the lake. The rock has a large flat top which got the table rock name in there.

It got its name from the colored rock. It almost looked like someone painted the rock.

A hard, coarse plutonic rock that contains large amounts of olivine.

Peridot is olivine, which is a mineral, not a rock. It is found in both intrusive and extrusive rocks.

Ultramafic igneous rocks are comprised mostly of olivine and pyroxene. Examples include peridotite (pegmatic and porphyritic) and komatite.

Peridot is a mineral. It is a variety of forsteritic olivine and is the birthstone for August.

Olivine, Clinopyroxene, Orthopyroxene, Garnet and Spinel at great depth.

Anorthosite (Feldspar) Dunite (Olivine)

it got its like wave rock because it looks like a wave

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