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Who solve a mystery?

anyone can solve a mystery only a detective can!

What problem did the Vedas solve for the archaeologists?


Can you give me a sentence using solve?

We can solve the mystery.

Can you solve a math mystery in one week?

maybe, if you are a genius or a hardworking person

How do you put the word mystery in a sentence?

This is a complete mystery! I don't know how to solve this mystery. What kind of a mystery is this?

This helps you solve a mystery?


What are the ratings and certificates for Five Have a Mystery to Solve - 1964?

Five Have a Mystery to Solve - 1964 is rated/received certificates of: UK:R

Is there a way to solve the mystery to level 1 in Kit's Mystery Challenge?


What did the Mystery solve On Scooby-Doo?

they solve many different mysteries

I want to solve a mystery can you give me one to solve?

i am try in to find one to

How do you solve the tiki mystery in my tribe?

Hire a privite detective.try solving the mystery with some friends.

Why is a mystery like a game between the author and the reader?

because they are both axshuse to solve the mystery to.

How do you solve the carrot nose mystery on panfu?

whats that

How do you beat the islands on skullduggery on poptropica?

solve the mystery

How do you solve the stone tablets On Mystery shack mystery?

Look at the 3rd stone tablet to the right and copy it.

How do you solve the santa mystery in magicians quest mysterious times? go here it will show you how to finish every mystery

What were Some of the clues that helped to solve the mystery in book the deadly dungeon?

Some of the clues that helped to solve the mystery in book the deadly dungeon include a cave on the coast of the beach

How do you solve the puffle mystery in clubpenguin?

1 cp 2cp3cp4cp5cp6cp

How can you solve a mystery like Nancy drew?

Read her books

How do you solve the mystery in Pokemon soulsilver at the alphs ruin?

you have to solve the puzzles and capture or catch all types of unown

Can you solve the mystery of Bermuda triangle?

Well no I can't. Nobody can. There are a lot of theories as to why ships and boats and planes disappear. So this mystery is always going to be a mystery.

Is Bermuda triangle mystery solved?

Yes it has. The mystery was not difficult to solve, it is a fanciful mystery designed to sell books and magazines. Larry Kusche's book "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery-Solved" is just that.

The mystery of the aagnee ruby summary?

Saif and Taimur (the twins) want to solve the mystery of how did Amina's parents died and who murderd them.

What does to get to the bottom of the mystery mean?

"To get to the bottom of" a mystery means to solve it. Getting to the bottom of something means to figure out the reason or explanation for it.

A sentence for the word inkling?

a detective needs inkling to solve a mystery