Break Dancing

How did break dancing begin?

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When did Ballroom dancing begin?

when did ballroom dancing begin\\

What is your favorite style of dance?

well i would say ballroom dancing and break dancing cause they both begin with a B. also i like ballet!

What is better break dancing or hip hop?

break dancing

Is street dancing and break dancing the same type of dancing?

Street dancing and break dancing are different things. Then can often be seen together, as a routine, but they can be seperatley. Break dancing is floor work, and can involve street dancing where you are not on the floor. Sheena x

Did break dancing come from Russian dancing?


What did Justin Bieber break while dancing?

Dancing itself, via break dancing. Also, the hearts of many a teenage girl.

What break dancing also called?

Break dancing is also called b-boying and breaking.

Where did salsa dancing begin?

Salsa dancing started in Brazil.

What are the animations that repeat a person's break dancing called?

A wink is when a break dancer appears to repeat his/her dancing.

What style of dancing was popularized with rap music?

Break Dancing

What it the difference between break dancing and ballet?

break dancing lets off more energy but ballet is harder

What was the plot of the film Bodyrock?

The plot of the film Bodyrock centers around the dancing style of break dancing. It is considered by many to be the definitive movie about break dancing.

Who started breakdancing?

There actually was no specific person who started break dancing. However, it did begin in the Bronx of New York City in the mid 70's.

What is the definition of jerking that has to do with break dancing?

Some people call that, the tick, pop-locking, or just simply break dancing.

How long has 'Break Dancing' been a subcategory on WikiAnswers?

Break dancing was added on July 11, 2010.

What was break dancing called originally?

Break dancing didnt originally name but when a certain song came out everyone would break out into what is now known has the breakdance

When did Pangaea begin to break up?

when did pangaea begin to break up

Where did break dancing originate from?


How do you get Yoda Break dancing?

There is no way.

Does break dancing have a function?


Is break dancing known as hostory?


Is there a subcategory for break dancing?

Yes, there is. Here is the link to the subcategory called Break Dancing:

Where did break dancing originate?

break dancing originated as a form of self expression and as way to settle arguments in an non-violent way

Name a style of dancing developed in the 80's?

Break dancing

How did Dancing with the Stars begin?

everybody was dancing at once and then after that they all got with there couples and every since then they was dancing in couples.