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How did china split into two nations?

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China split into two nations when the Republic of China was established in 1912 under the rule of Sun Yat-sen in the Xinhai Revolution. The two states of China are the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China.

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Why did china split into two nations?

The reason China split and is still split today was of the differences of the governments. One side of China was Nationalistic and the other side was communistic.

When did Germany split into two nations?

The were split into2 countries after world war 2

Why did czechoslavakia split into two nations?

yes. it has split into the czech (pronounced 'check') republic and slovakia.

Explain how China split into 2 nations?

The Republic of china was established in 1912 under the rule of Sun Yat-sen. This was in the Xinhai Revolution. This turned China into the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China.

Which two nations are split between Europe and Asia?


Did the League of Nations split Palestine into two separate states in 1948?


Which two nations have the largest populations?

China and India

Why does the great wall of China split into two parts?

because it does

What two nations did India split into when it gained independence?

India itself and Baki

What two nations was germany split into after World War 2?


What two nations are between Russia and China?

Khazakstan and Mongolia

What are the two countries which have 14 bordering nations?

They are Russia and China.

What two nations dominate the game of badminton?

china, Korea

What two nations have the largest populations on Earth?

china and japan

Name the two countries that china split into?

I don't know yet but I will get it in

Which two nations have not signed onto the Kyoto Protocol?

The United states and China.

What are the four Asian nations nearest to japan?

Russia, china, and the two koreas

What two nations turned to policies of isolation by the seventeenth century?

China and Japan

Can china anne mclain do a split?

china almost can, when she was playing the big piano she fell into a split

Why are there two China's today?

The is officially only one China - "The People's Republic of China," which sits on the General Assembly of the United Nations. The second China is actually referred to as "The Republic of Taiwan," which would like to be recognized as the official "China," but is not recognized by the United Nations.

How is southern and northern parts china differ?

they are two totally different regions split into 2.

What are the two rapidly developing nations that have need for Central Asia's resources?

India & China

What two nations did Korea serve as a land bridge for cultural diffusion?

China and japan

What two philosophies originated in China are now recognized as religions?

Two major philosophies originated in the country of China. They are Buddhism and Confucianism. Both are found in most nations of the world.

Which two asian nations are facing the greatest problems with air and water pollution?

India and China

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