Coal (fuel source)

How did coal form?

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A brown to black combustible rock that originated by accumulation and subsequent physical and chemical alteration of plant material over long periods of time, and that on a moisture-free basis contains no more than 50% mineral matter. The plant debris accumulated in various wet environments, commonly called peatswamps, where dead plants were largely protected from decay by a high water table and oxygen-deficient water. The accumulating spongy, water-saturated, plant-derived organic material known as peat is the precursor of coal. Over time, many changes of the original vegetable matter are brought about by bacteria, fungi, and chemical agents. The process progressively transforms peat into lignite or brown coal, subbituminous coal, bituminous-coal, and anthracite. This progression is known as the coalificationseries. The pressure exerted by the weight of the overlying sedimentand the heat that increases with depth, as well as the length of exposure to them, determine the degree of coalification reached. See also fossil-fuel; kerogen; lignite-1; peat.

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What is the most common form of coal in Pennsylvania?


Which form of coal burns the hottest?

anthracite coal

Why can't coal form in the arctic?

Coal forms from peat, and peat forms in bogs. There is not enough organic material in the arctic to form coal.

Where is coal begin to form from?

Coal is formed from plants, which turned into peat, then lignite, then coal.

What is the name for the softest coal?

Lignite is the softest form of coal.

What is the most valuable form of coal?

is a coal called Anthikal

Which phrase beat describes coal?

Coal is a form of carbon.

How is a anthracite coal formed?

anthracite coal is the metamorphic form of bituminous coal which is the sedimentary form. in other words it has been heated under pressure.

In what form does coal store energy from the sun?

Coal stores energy from the sun in the form of chemical energy

How did coal and uranium form?

Coal is produced by sunlight falling on plants. These plants then get fossilised to form the coal.Uranium is formed by Stars as they explode in Supernova explosions.

What fossil fuels form from decayed swamp plants?


What plants does coal form from?

coal is not made by man it i found in the ground

What is the purest form of coal?

Amongst coal varieties, anthracite is the purest form. It contains about 94 - 95% of carbon.

Why did coal not form in Australia while it did form on other continents?

Coal formed on Earth when Australia was near the south pole.

Is coal a mixture or pure?

coal is a mixture and impure because it is in crude form. coke and carbon are pure form of matter.

How does coal and oil form?

Coal are form when we burn trees. oil is form from the remains of animals and plant that lived millions of years ago in water environment.

Where do coal beds form?


What is the strongest form of carbon?


What is the hardest form of coal?


What is the solid form of fuel?


Why is anthracite black?

Anthracite is a form of coal, coal is primary carbon, and carbon is black.

Is coal a renewable energey resource?

No, not in our lifetime. It takes millions of years to form coal.

Is coal related to rock?

Coal is a form of rock. It is an organically formed sedimentary rock.

Is coal energy a sustainable form of energy?

At the rate at which coal is being used curently, it is not.

When did coal begin to form?

Then days ago