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Democracy arose in ancient Greece because of Athens. The idea of democarcy developed

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Where did the first democracy in the ancient world arise?

The first democracy in the ancient world arose in Greece.

Was ancient Greece a monarchy or democracy?

Ancient Greece was mostly a democracy.

How did democracy arise in ancient greece-?

Democracy did not basically arise out of all of Ancient Greece but out of Athens that has been called the cradle of democracy. It was established in Athens through the continuous reorganizations In 594 BC Solon was chosen as the first archon which was similar to a prime minister. He then established jury courts and increased the rights of the people.

Did ancient Greece have a republic or democracy?


Was ancient Greece run by royalty or parliament?

Ancient Greece was a democracy

What was the democracy in ancient Greece?

Democracy started in ancient Greece, but it was just the beginning.

Where did democracy originate?

Ancient GreeceAthens, Greece.

Where did democracy start?

Ancient Greece

What is the home of democracy?

ancient greece

Ancient Greece was the birthplace of what?


Ancient Greece govement?


The civilization was the first to arise in ancient Greece?


What was the first democracy in ancient Greece?

The first democracy in ancient Greece was in a city called, " Tu Madre" Which means, " Your Mom" in English. (Trolol)

What ancient civilization is considered the birthplace of democracy?

Ancient Greece

What form of government did Ancient Greece have?

Ancient Greece was a Monarchy, oligarchie, tyranny, then a democracy (in order).

How do Ancient Greece and America relate?

Ancient Greece used Democracy which America now uses.

What is the first country where democracy flourished?

Ancient Greece is the oldest democracy

Which type of democracy did ancient Greece have?


Where did democracy first develop?

Ancient Greece

What did ancient Greece give us?


Who influenced democracy in ancient Greece?


Where was the first democracy formed?

Ancient Greece

Where exactly did Democracy start?

In ancient greece

What sort country is ancient Greece?


Who came up with democracy?

ancient greece.