How did enacting laws that forbid prayer or any reference to God affect public schooling?

Yet Another Answer:

The California state curriculum framework. "acknowledges the importance of religion in human history. When studying world history, students must become familiar with the basic ideas of the major religions and the ethical traditions of each time and place. Students are expected to learn about the role of religion in the founding of this country because many of our political institutions have their antecedents in religious beliefs."

Having said that I was teaching a third grade class various ideas from different cultures had about how the world came into existence. Everything went pretty well as long as I spoke about ancient Greek or Native American myths, but when I wanted to include a verse or two from the Bible all hell broke loose at my school. I was eventually granted permission to read the Bible verse, but only after getting written permission from the School Board. I was surprised at the opposition I received from other teachers who claimed to be Christians. Isn't there a copy of the Ten Commandment on the wall of the Supreme Court? Have we all gone crazy with political correctness?

Jerry S