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If I knew I wouldnt be here.

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Q: How did europeans deal with labor shortages before turning to slavery?
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What was slavery like in Africa before Europeans got involved?

There was no slavery in Africa before the Europeans got involved!

What was slavery like in Africa before the arrival of europeans?

It was much worse than slavery in the America's.

How did European change the institution of slavery in Africa?

Slavery existed in African trade long before europeans arrived

Did sugar create slavery?

No, sugar did not cause slavery. Slavery existed long before the United States existed, or the Americas were discovered by Europeans. In fact, slavery existed long before the European countries existed.

What year did slavery in Canada start?

The aboriginal people practised slavery for perhaps thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.

Why do African Americans blame the Europeans for slavery but not Arabs?

Arabs did enslave africans long before the europeans, however the europeans did bring chattell slavery to north America, where it evolved and became the peculiar institution that later begat Jim crow....

Is it true that the slavery had never existed in the world before the Europeans began to colonize America?

No. Slavery existed for many centuries before North America was known. The Egyptians and Romans had slaves. In fact, the African tribes that presented slaves to the Europeans knew very well what it was that they were doing.

How did slavery start in Canada?

Many of the First Nations of Canada practiced slavery before Europeans came to North America. Black slaves arrived in the early 1700s to work in farmlands. It was completely outlawed in Canada in 1806.

What was slavery like in Africa before the europeans arrived?

Slavery in pre-colonial Africa was diverse and varied across different regions. In some societies, slaves were assimilated into the community and could rise to positions of power, while in others they were used for manual labor. Slavery was often a result of warfare, debt, or punishment, and slaves could be traded both within Africa and with neighboring regions.

What were Europeans call before they were called Europeans?


What were slaves before slavery?

Before slavery, there were no slaves. Historically, there was slavery in Mesopotamia, in Egypt, in the Roman Empire, and much later in equatorial Africa and among Native American tribes. Slaves were conquered peoples. Arabs and later Europeans bought slaves who had been captured by opposing tribes. Slavery was abolished in Europe and the US in the 19th century, but some forms of slavery still function in some areas of the world. Institutionally, the offspring of slaves were also slaves in many cultures.

Who introduced slavery to the africans?

Slavery existed in Africa before Europeans arrived, with various indigenous societies practicing forms of servitude or slavery. The transatlantic slave trade, which involved the mass forced migration of Africans to the Americas, was initiated and perpetuated by European nations beginning in the 15th century.