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How did geography affect the way of life of Native Americans?


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The geography had a massive impact on the way that Native Americans lived their lives. Natives that lived in mountain regions had to be ready for cold winters and great rainy seasons.


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Geography influenced life for Native Americans because the land the lived on was very abundant and had very good resources and if it didn't, Native Americans would have had to keep moving around.

Geography affected the Native Americans in the same way as it affects all groups of people. Native Americans had to learn how to work with what the land gave them. They had to hunt animals indigenous to mountainous land as well as learn how to grow crops on land that was flat and dry.

The environment of the Native Americans had a significant impact on their life. They had to adapt to the food sources and climate of the area.

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Depends on the tribe and where they live. There are many types of Native Americans and many tribes through out the United States which means that the geography and life styles determines the type of housing they would have.

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Buffalo affected the Native American way of life because buffalo was frequently hunted by the Native Americans. The buffalo was used for food, clothing, shelter, and tools. Once the buffalo disappeared the Native American way of life changed.

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The Native Americans have different cultures because they have a different way of life.

Native Americans did not affect americas as much as americans affected native Americans. The only way Native Americans affected Americans was through warfare. From the Northeastern coast to the desert southwest Native Americans used guerilla warfare(warfare in which the enemy uses surprise/hit and run tactics against another enemy) against the americans. The most troublesome tribes to the Americans were the Iroquois of the northeast(Canada to Tennessee), Comanche(Texas to Kansas, Apache(Mexico to Oklahoma), and Sioux (Southern Canada to Northern Nebraska). These were the fiercest tribes in the United States. These tribes hated Americans but were good people.

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Native Americans lose their way of life because the English were interested in settling the land and farming it, but that was the land that the Native Americans would not be able to use for hunting or growing their own food.

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