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How did hitler commit suicdie with a shovel?

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How did Hitler kill himself with a shovel?

While trying to dig himself out of the great hole he found himself in, the shovel slipped and................. Adolf Hitler didn't die by shovel, he shot and poisoned himself on 30th April 1945.

How did Hitler commit ethnic cleansing?

no there not a answer

How did Britain use radar to defeat Hitler?

Hitler commit sucide.

Did Adolph Hitler commit?

If you are asking whether Hitler committed suicide, the answer is yes.

What city did Hitler commit suicide?

In Berlin.

Which city did Hitler commit suicide in?


Did Hitler really commit suicide?

Yes he did.

What did Hitler do at the end of war?

Commit suicide

What did hitler do at the end of the war?

commit suicide

When does Hitler commit suicide?

On 30 April 1945.

Did Hitler kill his girlfriend?

No, she chose to commit suicide with him.

Why Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide?

To not get into jail.

Where did Hitler commit sucide?

In his underground bunker in Berlin.

What did Adolf Hitler do to commit suicide?

Shot himself

What age did Hitler commit suicide?

At age 56.

Was Hitler assassinated or did he commit suicide?

He committed suicide.

Did Adolf Hitler commit the crimes he was accused of?


Did Hitler commit suicide the day after he got married?

Yes he did.

DId Hitler survice World War 2?

No. He commit suicide.

When did Eva and Hitler commit suicide?

April 30th, 1945

When did Hitler Germans leader commit suicide?

30 April1945

Why did Adolf Hitler commit suicide even thought he said only cowards commit suicide?

Because he was a coward.

Did Hitler want to commit suicide?

Hitler did want to commit suicide because hsi plans went wrong and he didn't want to live through Winston Churchill declaring victory to the Allies.

Did Hitler kill his wife and children?

Hitler did not have any children, but he and his wife did commit suicide together. His wife took poison and Hitler shot himself.

Did Hitler force Rommel to commit suicide?

No, Hitler Forced FIELD MARSHAL Rommel to commit suicide, because of his involvement with the June 20th plot to kill Hitler (made popular by the Box Office movie "Valkyrie". Source:

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