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Locke formed the basis of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson (writer of Declaration) based it on Locke's philosophy of natural rights, or as he called them, "inalienable rights," of life, liberty, and property.

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Q: How did john lockes philosophy change one nation?
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John lockes philosophy was?

human beings derive their rights from nature

What are john lockes philosophical influiences?

We do not have your list of people, but Jefferson was influenced by Locke. He used his philosophy in the Declaration.

What did lockes ideas suggest about people?

john Locke's philosophy suggested that people have natural rights that operate independently of government laws or fiats.

Which was most directly affected by john lockes philosophy of natural rights?

Nova Net Answer: Declaration of Independence

What has the author Rolf W Puster written?

Rolf W. Puster has written: 'Britische Gassendi-Rezeption am Beispiel John Lockes' -- subject(s): British Philosophy, Influence

What was john lockes form of government?

A Democratic System

When did John lockes father die?

John Locke's father died in 1661

What was john lockes education?

john Locke got Bachelor's and a Master's Degree from Oxford.

What was john lockes philosophies?

He argued so that people have natural rights.

What is the difference between thomas hobbes and john lockes ideas?

It was how he farted a lot

What influence did john lockes idea on natural rights have on others?

Can anyone answer this one

What were john Locke's arguments used for?

John lockes arguements were used to help humans keep their natural rights.