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How did leopards become endangered?

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We all know that leopards have amazing fur and many business and industries take advantage of such a breath taking creature. If a leopard ever wanders to close to a human village in the wild then it be shot because they are seen as a threat !!!Another big cause is deforestation that is happening in many rain forests and forests , if their habitats are being destroyed then the leopards will have no shelter and could suffer from illneses due to the cold. ALso if their prey is killed out then will not have any supply of food that they need to survrive !!!


Although some races and local populations are in trouble, the leopard is not yet an endangered species.

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When did leopards become endangered?

Leopards are not endangered. They are near threatened.

How did Amur leopards become endangered?

They are endangered because of poachers

How did the snow leopards become endangered?

They became endangered because of over hunting.

What year did snow leopards become endangered?

around 1972

Are SSnow Leopards endangered?

Snow Leopards are an endangered speicies.

How did the leopard become an endangered mammal?

As a species leopards are not endangered, but some races are. To see endangered races, check the IUCN Redlist.

When did snow leapords become endangered?

Snow leopards were added to the endangered species list in 1972. There are multiple organizations working to conserve the snow leopards natural habitat.

Why has leopards become endangered species?

The leopard, Panthera Pardus, is not an endangered species. However, one subspecies, the Amur leopard, is critically endangered.

What is the endanger status of leopards?

the endangered status of all spices of leopards is very endangered

How endangered are snow leopards?

I wouldn't say snow leopards are CRICTICLY endangered but they are endangered. There are about 4,000 to 6,000 lets in the wild.

What year did leopards become extinct?

If you're talking about snow leapords then they are endangered but have not become extinct but if poaching continues then they will be. If you're talking about leopards in general then they are at the bottom of the extinct chain. Meaning, they are not at all extinct.

When did the black panther become endangered?

There is no single species called a black panther. Black panthers may be melanistic (black) jaguars or melanistic leopards. Neither leopards nor jaguars are endangered but are either vulnerable or near threatened.

What made this species endangered?

answer this for me why are snow leopards becoming endangered

Why are snow leopards endangerd?

Snow Leopards are endangered because of hunting.

Are Clouded Leopards Endangered?

Clouded leopards are not endangered. The IUCN gives the clouded leopard a conservation status of vulnerable, which is one level above endangered and is considered threatened.

Are black leopards endangered?


What is special about snow leopards?


Are African leopards endangered?

Officially No, but, they will be.

Why do leopards need help?

there endangered

Why are Amur leopards so endangered?

they are endangered because they are hunted for fur.

Why are Dhole endangered?

The Dhole has become endangered for many reasons. Loss of habitat and prey base, disease such as rabies ,inter specific competition for prey with Tigers and Leopards.

Why should you protect snow leopards?

Because Snow Leopards are going endangered.

Why should Snow Leopards not go endangered?

Snow Leopards want to know "Why should humans not go endangered? Indeed, I want them extinct!"

Where are leopards endangered?

All over the world.

How can you help endangered leopards?

Don't kill them...