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it was very hard to laught

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Q: How did life at school in America change during World War 2?
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How did life at school in America change for Japanese Americans during World War 2?

there were no schools in world war two because the bombs is aver wuar and they did not go because it is not save.

Can the us of America change presidents during a world war?

Yes. A time of war does not suspend the electoral process.

How did Pearl Harbor change America?

Pearl harbor changed America by forcing the u.s. to work together and defeat japan during world war two.

How did immigration policy in America change during the years following World War 1?

Immigration was restricted with quota systems.

How have world economies change during the modern era?

how have world economies change during the modern era

How did the workforce in America change during World War 2?

They started to let women work so it won't be another Great Depression...

How can you change your age on world maths day?

You will have to ask your teacher about this, then do it at home. I tried doing it during school-time, but my teacher caught me!

Was there Captain America during the world war 2?

no. there wasn't a captain america during world war 2. there was no time for that. the bombing was more important at those times. I don't even think he even existed then. so no. there wasn't a captain america during the world was 2.

How did America help it allies during World War 2?

America helped it's allies during World War 2 by shooting people and stuff. they were smart.

Who was the prime minister of America during World War 1?

The United States of America does not have a prime minister. The president is the head of government. During World War I. Woodrow Wilson was the president of the United States of America throughout World War I.

What groups had new opportunities during world war 2 in America?

america and germany

How Amerigo Vespucci change the world?

Amerigo Vespucci changed the world by discovering America! America is named after Amerigo Vespucci.

How many German Americans were interned in America during World War 2?

Close to 3.3 billion people were interned in America during WORLD WAR 2. CREDIBLE!

How did Anne Frank change during World War Two?

Anne change from a young girl to young women during World War two.

How did Sebastian Cabot change the world?

He found out about North America

What part of the world has the biggest climate change?

North America

How did explorers change America?

they found new places in the world

How did vespucci's voyage change how the world was seen?

by discovering america

How does school change your world?

you learn how to grow up.

What was popular in America during world war 1?


Who did America fight during world war 1?

The Allies

How did Germans get to America during World War 2?


Who is the president of America during world war 2?


Whose side did America fight on during both world wars?

America fought on the Allied side during both World Wars and now they are one of the major Western Powers.

What big event happened in America during world war 1?

One big event that happened in America during World War 1 was that the economy started to improve. Industry also picked up during this time.