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The Eureka stockade is considered to be the birthplace of democracy in Australia. This was when the gold miners on the Ballarat goldfields rebelled against the monthly gold licence, not to mention the surprise licence checks which could result in people being thrown in gaol.

The events of the Eureka Stockade gained the attention of the Government. A Commission of Enquiry followed and changes were made. These included abolishing the monthly gold licences, which were replaced by a much more affordable annual miner's licence. There were fewer troopers on the goldfields, and intrusive spot-checks ceased.

Legislative Council was expanded to allow representation to the major goldfields. Peter Lalor and another representative, John Basson Humffray, were elected for Ballarat. Later, Lalor was elected Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria. For these reasons, the Eureka Stockade is regarded by many as the birthplace of Australian Democracy.

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Q: How did lives change after eureka stockade?
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Were women killed in the Eureka Stockade?

Six soldiers and 22 diggers lost their lives at the Eureka Stockade. None were women.

How did Petor Lalor and the Eureka Stockade change the lives of the people who lived in Australia?

It brought representative government to Victoria.

How did peter and the eureka stockade change the lives of people who lived in Australia?

If not for Peter lalor we would not get sick leaves or unions.

What year was the Eureka Stockade built?

The Eureka Stockade was built in 1854.

What year did the Eureka Stockade start?

The Eureka Stockade occurred in 1854.

What is population of Eureka stockade in 1854?

The Eureka stockade was a temporary stockade, not a town with any sort of population.

What are the physical features from the Eureka stockade?

what was the key physical features of the eureka stockade

When was the Eureka stockade in Ballarat?

The Eureka Stockade occurred on 3 December 1854.

Did Peter Lalor attack the Eureka Stockade?

No, Peter Lalor was the leader of the Eureka Stockade.

How long would it take to find gold in the eureka stockade?

There was no gold in the Eureka Stockade.

Why was the Eureka Stockade built?

The Eureka Stockade was buikt by the miners as a stockade, from which they planned to defend themselves against licence arrests.

When did the miners build a stockade in the eureka stockade?

The Eureka Stockade was constructed during the afternoon of Saturday 2 December 1854.