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Magneto is the good guy, but he's a sort of a good bad guy.


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People want to become a bad guy because they (a) need money (b) have nothing else to do (c)Are mad at people so they take there stuff. Do not become a bad guy

Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! repeat the same thing as you did to be bad but choose good

They are not necessarily enemies, Xavier and Magneto parted ways due to the differences in their beliefs on how to help mutants.

In the beginning of the story and he was never a good guy

does it have spark to the plug if not the part you might check would be the coil or the electronic start module probably the latter if it is a newer mower or of ots older then the coil magneto usually dont go bad could be a bad gap between the coil and the magneto if its an older mower could be a bad set of points if its an older mower point gap could be bad spark plug could be bad as I don't know exactly what the lawn mower is doing hard to tell what is wrong

place the magnet on the flywheel in front of magneto and place a buisness card between flywheel and magneto and tighten magneto down.......remove buisness card..

it is a good guy, a bad guy is called a antagonist

Think logically about this, Iron man is a guy in a super advance metal suit hence the name Iron Man, even though its a strange metallic alloy. Magneto controls metal . . . . Magneto would crush Iron man and turn him inside out. Now I am not exactly positive on if Iron Man's suit would be controlled by Magneto but his missiles and bullets at least would thus in the very least all his weapons would be useless and used against him. Magneto Wins, the End!

when he does not treat you right

Rapunzal's bad guy is Gothel.

Magneto, unless joker has prep.

Kisame is a bad guy because he is the main enemy

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good guy. antagonist is bad.

ok the truth story is....Pain is not a bad guy...Yahiko,konan and nagato pain is a good friend..and the the been founded by Yahiko... and consisted of Amegakure ninja that wished to create peace for their home country. and that was the real akatsuki made...but Uchiha Madara become the leader...and become Akatsuki S-rank Criminal so i can say it....Nagato Pain is not a Bad Guy

No, the magneto provides the voltage for the spark.

Magneto - comics - was created in 1963.

Magneto cause dr dooms outfit is metal and magneto can manipulate metal in anyway or form as his wishes

the bad guy for counterfeit is the black widow

I Don't See him he do good or bad

stryker is the main bad guy

Yes He Was The Ultimate Bad Guy

Hera is the God of War and is considered a bad guy.

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