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Easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! repeat the same thing as you did to be bad but choose good

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adventure quest worlds is good adventure quest is more like shadowtale hope this helps :D

By choosing good instead of evil or you can also buy good reputation with 100,000 gold and become good,to become good you must go to king Alteon and press good reputation.

Artix is a moderator, not an NPC. So good luck finding him (:

good. because the evil shop is almade in bones and skull

Type /join Mobius and talk to Renn to be good and Zio to be evil.

i dont know but good luck tring to find out

I'm not sure. i might be evil but i think I'm good. i forgot what i picked

There is no good shop in aqworlds you just have to enhance the item so everywhere you go it is the same

To return to the good side you must buy the contract from the king which is 100,000 gold.

you have to buy a contract for 100,000 gold at the base of good (castle)

Click on your picture in the top left corner, then click on reputation.

the best weapong to buy on AQ Worlds would probably be the thr rune sword or the dark crystal clyamore

From the Good Shop in Swordhaven Castle (/join castle). It is 25000 gold and you must be good aligned to buy it.

talk 2 Alton king it says good rep and press shop

I use the Lucky Sword but the Bejeweled Blade is also good

here are some: dragon fable,earth eternal,adventure quest worlds...and you can find others by searching for them

http:/ if u upgrade on Mech Quest u get it!Good luck, Fixerr lvl 10 warriorBATTLEON!

these quests are fairly easy and the AI in this game are as strong as you are so the you can be any lvl and still have a good chance for success

Either you have already chosen to be good, or you have not completed the necessary quests yet. and even if you are good you still don't realise that evil and good do the same quests.

You can become evil three ways: Talking to Gravelyn and clicking 'become evil'. Going to mobius and talking to the mage girl to the right Watching the storyline's clips. In the castle undead one, you can pick between good and evil.

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