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Monks and nuns spread Byzantine influence through their missionary work.

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Monks help spread Christianity across Europe.

Help spread Christian teachings to new areas

It spread American influence through business.

The Benedictine monks established monasteries all over Europe. They copied books, educated people, and managed to save Western Civilization. We owe a huge amount to the holy brothers of St. Benedict for our world, as we know it: How the Monks Saved Civilization.

It was either:A: Inexpensive BiblesB: The Cyrillic alphabetC: Christian hymnalsD: Stained-glass windowsNot sure though

the role of monks and nuns were to help and teach students.

For the Christians monks, they help through their fervent prayer and their foods supply in their monastery is used for helping the people especially poor.

The first crusades against the muslims were an aid from the pope and christian countries to the faltering Byzantine Empire which was currently being crushed by the muslims, and a fear that they would take over the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople convinced the current pope to launch crusades to take over the Holy City, Jerusalem, and from there on help the Byzantine Emperor. Even though the first crusades helped the Byzantine Empire from the muslims the latter ones were more for personal glory and greed. The Doge of Venice convinced the crusaders to burn Constantinople on their way to the Holy Land since the Republic of Venice had interests in a weak Byzantine Empire so they could spread their influence into the Eastern Mediterranean.

He helped to get the messages out because of his good literary skills. He also had a big penis .

Missionaries are the people who help spread a religion.


It was a religious practice to shave their heads, to help make themselves pure and identify that they were monks.

Hardly, it was the Byzantine Church who appealed to the pope for help.

Constantinople's location helped the Byzantine culture spread in many ways. Because Constantinople's location was near the Marmara Sea, they had a definite way of trading. Trading helps their culture spread, because they are able to make money, therefore they could spread their empire wider and further. Another way the Marmara Sea benefited them, was because it was a barrier from potential enemies. If you look on a map, Constantinople is located on that thin strip leading into Asia. In the Byzantine's favor, their thin border was easier to protect/guard, that is why they moved their capitol on the other side.

constantine spread the religion of christianity

he spread the Gospel and wrote letters

Francis created an order of friars, not monks. Friars work in the world while monks are confined to a monastery. He created the order to help him evangelize, assist the poor and reform the Church.

The Byzantine Emperor (Alexius) asked Pope Urban for Christian knights to help him fight the Muslims Turks.

they wanted the Pope's help in preventing attack from crusaders on Constantinople.

Alexander the Great bulit an empire to help spread greek ideas. Have fun.