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Q: How did olly murs make headlines in the world of music in September?
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What sort of national events make headlines in your country?

Major sporting events make headlines. Political events, like elections, make headlines. Weather events make headlines. National holiday events make headlines. Stories relating to high profile people make headlines. Major successes for the country or some people in it make headlines. These and many other national events make headlines.

Who is an everyday hero that dont make the headlines?

is your parents an everyday hero headlines

That music can help make world peace?

music can help make world peace?

What contributions did Louis Armstrong make to the world of music?

Made music.

What contributions did Bach make to the world of music?

he made classical music

What contributions did Igor Stravinsky make to the music world?

he did romantic music

Why do African's make Music?

I guess music is a neccessity for everymind throughout the world.

How did James Earl Ray make headlines?

James Earl Ray made headlines after he assassinated civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. The news of Ray killing King made national and worldwide headlines.

How do you make headlines in The Sims 3 Late Night?

You can't.

Did Jimi Hendrix make a difference in the world?

Yes he did, he changed the music industry with his amazing music.

Why are virtuoso important in the music world?

Because without them, we wouldnt have special pianoists/violinists in the world to make romantic music from the romantic period.

What will happen if a gay kiss a girl?

It certainly will make news headlines!

Was 911 the first major attack to make headlines?

No. There was Pearl Harbor in 1941 and before that Little Big Horn in 1878. During the civil war there were also headlines about battles.

What are the release dates for Barney and Friends - 1992 Let's Make Music 9-3?

Barney and Friends - 1992 Let's Make Music 9-3 was released on: USA: 8 September 2004

How did Carrie Underwood make contribution to the world?

She contributed fantastic country music to the world!

What year did Jacob Riis make headlines for his photos of the lower class?


How did santa Claus make headlines in June 1964?

by winning the Irish derby.

How did john Lennon make an impact on the world?

Through music

What genre of music does the American band Cold World make?

The music genre that the band Cold World makes music in is called Hardcore, which itself is divided into 25 different subgenres like Deathcore or Rapcore.

Acclaim made headlines when it offered to put ads on headstones What does Acclaim do?

Make videogames

What does the author of how to prepare for a road trip repeat to make the document more clear?

images associate with headlines

What music does he play?

He writes the songs that make the whole world sing.

Can you make your own music video at Disney World?

yes i could

How did Selena Quintanilla Perez's music change the world?

it made people see that a woman CAN make it big in the Tejano music industry.

What has queen latifah done to make the world better?

Sing and play music.