Olly Murs

Olly Murs is a British singer who finished in second place of the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009.

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The X Factor (TV Series)
Olly Murs

What is olly murs's favourite colour?


The X Factor (TV Series)
Olly Murs

Was olly murs a teacher before he went on x factor?

The X Factor (TV Series)
Olly Murs

What did olly murs come in the x factor?

Olly Murs came second but Joe Mceldrey won!

Olly Murs

What nationality is olly murs?


Olly Murs

What is Olly Mur's biggest hit?

Please Don't Let Me Go/Heart Skips A Beat

Olly Murs

What is olly murs favourite food?


Olly Murs

What was olly murs phone number?


olly murs can u come to my b.Day in 17 /1/2002

Olly Murs

What is the track list for in case you didn't know by Olly Murs?

  • Heart Skips A Beat
  • Oh My Goodness
  • Dance With Me Tonight
  • I've Tried Everything
  • This Song Is About You
  • In Case You Didn't Know
  • Tell The World
  • I'm OK
  • Just Smile
  • On My Cloud
  • I Don't Love You Too
  • Anywhere Else
  • I Need You Now
Lyrics and Sheet Music
Olly Murs

Listen to the song Olly murs - Ask me to stay the first 5 seconds which are instrumental sound like another song i really want to know what that song is Does anybody know?

Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

There are several versions, but my favourite is Westlife ft. Mariah Carey

Hope that helped :)

Olly Murs

What songs did Olly Murs write himself?

Olly has written most of his songs himself, on his 2nd album 'In Case You Didn't Know' he wrote EVERY single song except for 'Heart Skips A Beat'

Olly Murs

What songs has olly murs sung?


1Dance With Me TonightDance With Me Tonight - EP

2Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks)Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks) - EP

3Baby Blue EyesDance With Me Tonight - EP

4BusyOlly Murs

5Please Don't Let Me GoOlly Murs

6Thinking of MeOlly Murs

7Dance With Me Tonight (Billionaire Remix)Dance With Me Tonight - EP

8Thinking of MeThinking of Me - Single

9Heart On My SleeveOlly Murs

10Please Don't Let Me GoPlease Don't Let Me Go - Single

11Heart Skips a Beat (PokerFace Lyndsey Club)Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks) - EP

12Dance With Me Tonight (Cagedbaby Radio Edit)Dance With Me Tonight - EP

13This One's for the GirlsPlease Don't Let Me Go - Single

14C'mon C'monHeart On My Sleeve - Single

15On My CloudHeart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks) - EP

16SophieThinking of Me - Single

17Takes a LotBusy - Single

18A Million More YearsOlly Murs

19Change Is Gonna ComeOlly Murs

20BusyBusy - Single

21Ask Me to StayOlly Murs

22I Blame HollywoodOlly Murs

23Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks) [MNEK's Gimmeabeat Mix]Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks) - EP

24Heart On My SleeveHeart On My Sleeve - Single

25Please Don't Let Me GoNow That's What I Call Music! 77

The X Factor (TV Series)
Olly Murs

How do you enter The X Factor competition?

Follow the related link to the official The X Factor application.

Applications for 2013 are now open.

Olly Murs

What is olly murs' favorite animal?

Sheep and Elephants

Olly Murs

Which Iranians are world famous?

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Olly Murs

What is olly murs favourite film?

the goonies

Olly Murs

Where does olly murs live?

he lives in essex up by enanbrught street at the top of essex you drive thought code lock road and privet gardens olly lives in number 28 and his road is called fame fame road lives on his own and that is where you will friend him xxxxx

rate this answer for a good way to go and meet OLLY MURS

Olly Murs

What is Olly Murs Brother name?

He has a twin brother called Ben.

Olly Murs

What is olly murs's sister called?

His sister is called Fay.

Olly Murs

What is olly murs favorite flower?


Olly Murs

When did Olly Murs become famous?

he entered the X FACTOR in 2009 and came in second place

Olly Murs

Who is olly murs is father?

Peter Murs

Olly Murs
Jessie J

What is Jessie J's grandparents called?

Frederick and Lemuria are Jessie's grandparents.

Olly Murs

Has olly murs got any pets?

He has 52 Gerbils!

Olly Murs

Did olly murs win xfactor?

No he came second to Joe McElderry.

Olly Murs

Does olly murs sing reggae?

Yes,he sings reggae and pop


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