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Why did Bismarck turn against the national liberals?

See: Kaiser Bismarck

How did unification affect Germany?

== == After unification, Germany was the strongest military power on the continent. Germany's position geographically was between large military powers. Otto von Bismarck had to be as sure as possible that no one would attack Germany, at least no coalition. First, in 1879, Bismarck made a secret alliance with Austria-Hungary. In 1881, Bismarck signed a tri-treaty with Russia, Austria, and Germany: the Alliance of Three Emperors. In 1882, Italy joined this alliance, making a triple alliance along with Austria and Russia. Under Bismarck, Germany maintained a stable and reliable foreign policy, because Bismarck maintained an anti-imperialistic stand and maintained diplomacy. Germany managed to stay on good terms with just about everyone but France. Industrialization progressed dynamically in Germany. German manufacturers began to capture domestic markets from British import. The German textiles and metal industries surpassed those of Britain in organization and technical efficiency and usurped British manufacturers in the domestic market. Germany became the dominant economic power on the continent and was the second largest exporting nation after the US. By the turn of the century, the German metals and engineering industries would be producing heavily for the free trade market of Britain. By the time of World War I (1914-1918), The German economy switched to supplying its military with the proper equipment needed to fight the war. This included the production of rifles (Gewehr 98), pistols (P08 Luger), and heavy weaponry (Maxim machine gun, Minenwerfer mortar, and several other heavy and light artillery pieces). Additionally, Imperial Germany was leading in the sectors of Physics and Chemistry so that one third of all Nobel Prizes went to German inventors and researchers.

During the late 1800s which European nation had no colony in Africa?

The newly formed German Empire was among one of the only major European states not to have any colonies in Africa. This can be said also for the Holy Roman Empire that had preceded the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, which had in turn led to German unification under Otto von Bismarck. After 1866, Bismarck did not wish to impose on the colonial interests of it's powerful neighbours and stated that he had no intentions of entering the "Scramble for Africa".

How colonialism caused World War 1?

Is when a country takes over new lands or countries and makes them subject to their rule. After Wilhelm II was crowned Kaiser in 1888, Wilhelm forced the former Chancellor (Prime Minister) Bismarck to resign. Wilhelm had disagreements with Bismarck over virtually everything. Bismarck longed for Germany to stay a land-based European power, Wilhelm desired Germany to follow Weltpolitik or world policy. This was meant to turn Germany into a world power with a large colonial empire. German economic and population growth made Germany more powerful, and by 1913 was second only to USA. Wilhelm also wanted the status of colonies plus the added economic expansion this would bring, but Germany only got small or poor colonies. The consequence of Wilhelm's action and policy upset every other major country involved with Germany, caused distrust and started the arms race. So no not really.

Use rudder in a sentence?

When torpedoes bent the rudder of the battleship Bismarck to one side, the ship could only continuously turn in circles.

Does the horn relay affect the turn signals?

No, but the turn signal relay has a direct effect on the turn signals.

How did the zimmerman note affect American public opinion about the war?

The Zimmermann note helped turn U.S. public opinion against Germany during WWI & strengthened advocates of U.S. entry into war.

What did hitller do?

he turn polangd and Germany aganstis ixshh

How are leaders elected in Germany?

The President of the Bundestag is elected by the members of the Bundestag, who in turn are elected by the people of Germany.

When did Germany turn it's blitzkrieg on London?

in august 1940

How does malaria affect LEDC's? its your turn!

How many miles is it from Bismarck ND to Center ND?

41 miles taking this route:Take I-94 WEST from Bismarck to ND-25 to CENTER at EXIT 147. TURN RIGHT off the exit ramp to get onto ND-25 NORTH to CENTER.Take ND-25 NORTH to Center.

How did hitler turn germany against jews?

Incessant propaganda and demonization.

Why did Germany need to implement the schlieffen plan?

Germany needed to implement the Schlieffen Plan because they wanted to quickly defeat France. Germany also wanted to turn on Russia.

Where and when was the first clarinet constructed?

Nuremburg, Germany around the turn of the 18th century.

What was Germany trying to do with the Zimmerman telegram?

They were trying to turn Mexico against America.

How did Hitler turn Germany into a totalitarian state?

because he wanted to. hope it helps!

Coca-Cola affect chicken bones?

it will turn black

How will the suppliers of bananas affect England?

they will turn england bananas :s

When did Anne Frank turn 15?

Anne Frank was born on 12 June 1929 in the city of Frankfurt am Main in Weimar Germany. She was the second and last kid of Otto Frank and Edith Frank-Hollander and the sister of Margot Frank. In 1933, the family moved from Germany to Amsterdam when the Nazis gained control over Germany. They went into hiding 6 July 1942 in what Anne called the secret annex with was situated in the attic of her dad's building. There, she had her 14th and 15 birthday on 12 June 1943/1944.

When did the tide of world war 2 turn against Germany?

Lend Lease- when Britain got supplies from America. Without them, Germany would have won

What date to turn clocks back in Germany?

It is always on the last Sunday in October at 3am.

Why did east Germany turn communist?

Because the Soviets installed a communist puppet government.

Why did the invasion of Belgium turn American opinion against Germany?

Belgium was a neutral nation

How do butterflies affect the environment?

Butterflies affect the environment by pollinating flowers, fruit and other types of trees, which in turn affects the environment.