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The same way everyone else does.

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Q: How did pagans celebrate their birthdays?
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Do pagans celebrate birthdays?

Of course. A birth is something to be celebrated!

What holiday did the Pagans celebrate on Christmas?

Pagans celebrate Yule, during the Christians Christmas.

Do pagans still celebrate Halloween in their own way?

Yes, Pagans still celebrate Halloween.

Do people in Poland celebrate birthdays?

obviosly, they celebrate birthdays but they do it with a lot of alchocol!

Do Catholics celebrate Christmas and birthdays?

yes, Catholics do celebrate Christmas and Birthdays!

Do Sikhs celebrate their birthdays?

Well, I'm Sikh and my famikly and we celebrate birthdays.....ALOT

What do they celebrate in Bulgaria in place of birthdays?

In Bulgaria in place of Birthdays we celebrate.. birthdays. We also have the so called nameday (saint day), but both birthdays and namedays are celebrated.

How do Spanish people celebrate 16Th birthdays?

They don't. They only celebrate 15th birthdays, which is a quinceanera.

Which festival celebrate birthdays of Sikh gurus?

Guruprabs is the name of the festival which celebrate the birthdays of Sikh Gurus.

When do birthdays happen?

birthdays are there to remind you of the birth of a person and celebrate

Did the Jackson children always celebrate birthdays?

No, they were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses, they didn't celebrate birthdays or Christmas when they were young.

How do Duggars celebrate birthdays?


Do witches celebrate birthdays?


Do they celebrate birthdays in Iraq?

Yes. Iraqis celebrate birthdays just like everyone else. They do not eat cake though.

How does Bermuda celebrate birthdays?

Bermuda celebrates birthdays by eating cake

Does adventure quest celaberate birthdays?

no unfortunetley they dont celebrate birthdays

How do American's celebrate their birthday?

how the people of srilanka celebrate their birthdays?

Do Indians celebrate birthdays?

yes they are also humans and they do celebrate.

Why dont Jehova witnesses celebrate birthdays?

Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate birthdays because in the Bible it mentions only two birthdays. And in both of those accounts someone got murdered. If God wanted us to celebrate birthdays, would he give us those accounts??

Why did pagans originally use bells for celebration?

the pagans used bells to celebrate the death of jesus

Do they celebrate birthdays in Italy?

Of course! Every person has his or her birth day. So if Italy has its own people, they celebrate birthdays...! SPP.

Do Hindus celebrate birthdays?

Yes, I do believe Hindus celebrate birthdays, eg. Lord Krishna's "Janam Ashmi" or birthdate (appearance). I celebrate my birthday and so does my whole family.

Where did sweet sixteen originate?

It originated from the Pagans, just like Halloween and birthdays

Why do jehovas not celebrate Christmas?

they do not celebrate Christmas nor birthdays that is their prerogative.

Do Jehovah witneesses celebrate birthdays?