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How did plants start?


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You need seeds and water to make a plant grow.

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Watermelon, wheat and watercress are plants that start with W.

They start by a seed

There were no animals or plants at the start of the earth. Cyanobacteria maybe

Plants release seeds, which fall to the ground and start growing as new plants.

Food chains always start with plants which are the producers then it will be followed by consumers and so on... CorrectionThey start of with the plants then the small animals then get bigger

No. Mushrooms are by fungi, They're classed as plants.

Plants like strawberries and milkweed send out runners to start new plants asexually.

Coal does not start with plants falling into water.Coal forms from plants growing in a sinking delta. A sort of swamp. The palnts involven in the formation of coal are ALL the plants in the environment.

They start with plants as plants are the only producers (can make their own food) and the whole food chain depends on them. Without plants, there would be no primary consumers and that would mean no food for the secondary consumers and so on, disturbing the entire food chain! They start with plants because energy comes from the sun and plants are the only ones who can make food with that energy.

They provide nutrients for the plants. Also help start photosynthesis.

Homozygous plants were easier to work with

Start with huge plants

plant loads of plants. Get plants from Lumbear yard.

Zephyranthes and zinnia are plants. They begin with the letter z.

I believe they get their from the Sun to start the reaction :)oxygen

Through spores and seeds

plant that does not start in seeds.

· hydrangea · hibiscus · hedera

Most plants respond to the increased temperature and longer daylight.

Plants can tell when they start to feel different amounts of light. In some plants low light triggers blossoms.

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