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It encouraged people to break the law because they wanted to show the government that it is America and that it is our American right to be able to drink.

It encouraged people to break the law because they wanted to show the government that it is America and that it is our American right to be able to drink.

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Q: How did prohibition encourage people to break the law?
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What law dud people break in prohibition?

Provisions of the Volstead Act.

How did people feel about the law during prohibition?

With the passage of time, more and more people came to oppose Prohibition and also came to have a lack of respect for law in general.

What were results of prohibition?

Prohibition was not only a failure but caused serious and widespread social problems. In many ways, prohibition helped create organized crime, because only well-planned and led operations could distill liquor, bribe officials, deliver to restaurants and bars, and protect against others taking away the profits. Prohibition helped break down America's firm adherence to law and order. Prohibition caused millions of people to routinely break the law. This had long-lasting social implications, including increased contempt for government.

Why was Prohibition considered to be a time of social and governmental reform?

Prohibition was a time of social and governmental reform because women received the right to vote just before Prohibition. It was also the first time it was socially acceptable to break the law.

What is the purpose of a writ of prohibition?

The purpose of the writ of prohibition is to make people stop doing something that the law prohibits. A writ of prohibition is an order to a court to discontinue trying a case.

When was Law Enforcement Against Prohibition created?

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition was created in 2002.

Why was prohibition introduced and then later repealed?

Following pressure from temperance groups, the Prohibition of Alcohol law was passed.People started drinking in speakeasies. Eventually most Americans ignored the law. In 1933 the government got rid of the law.

What was a good reason for prohibition?

There wasn't one. All the arguments for prohibition basically boiled down to "people are too stupid for their own good", which is certainly true, but the problem was that making alcohol illegal didn't make them any smarter, it just made them more willing to break the law.

Did the prohibition law work or not?

No. The prohibition law in the United States was not a success. Prohibition began in 1920, and was later repealed in 1933 with the ratification of the 21st amendment. Prohibition is a ban on the production and sale of alcohol. It was nearly impossible for the federal governement to enforce such a law. Prohibition led to things like the growth of the mafia and other criminal organizations that completely disregarded the federal law.

Was prohibition a good law?

No, it was counterproductive.

What amendment was the Prohibition law?


Why did prohibition fail?

Prohibition failed because many americans found ways to get around the law

What happens to people when they disagree with a new law that was passed?

they get arrested if they break it, it is the law!!!!!!!

What was a consequence of prohibition?

contempt for law enforcement

What is the law that banned the use of alcohol?


Who passed the law for prohibition in the 1920s?

The states

What amendment passed prohibition into law?


Why prohibition difficult to uphold?

Alcohol was extremely ingrained into the nation's consciousness-- most people felt they would rather be criminals by disobeying the law of Prohibition than go without beer.

What are the motive of the KKK?

to kill people and break the law

Which was a result of Prohibition?

Prohibition remained unsuccessful and caused disrespect for the law. Americans continued to buy and consume alcohol. It gave more rise to crime. It also harmed people financially, physically and morally. People started more smoking. Overall, prohibition brought more adverse affects to the country.

Why was prohibition enforced?

Prohibition came into being as a result of the passage of the 18th Amendment. The actual law spelling out the legal details of Prohibition is the National Prohibition Act of 1919 (often known as the Volstead Act). Since it was a federal law, all federal law enforcement agencies were obliged to enforce it. However, enforcement was spotty, to say the least.

How did speakeasys change our culture?

During the period fo Prohibition in America, people who were normally totally law-abiding were quite prepared to break the law by drinking in speakeasys. As these were almost all controlled by mobsters this gave the mobsters a kind of unofficial approval - which America has never fully shaken off.

How do people get suspended on YouTube?

If they submit violent or nude content or otherwise break the law. They break the law more than you'd think.

What law was passed to enforce prohibition?

It was the Volstead Act.

How did prohibition affect the nation?

general disrespect for the law