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Ragtime started among African-American musicians in the late 1800s. Although there were composers in many states, Missouri seemed to be a hot spot for ragtime composition.

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When did ragtime start?

1890s to 1910s

Why did ragtime start?

because... chuck Norris needed something to listen to.....

Where did ragtime start?

ragtime music stared in north America and the time it was, was in the 19th century and did you know that some of the famous tunes that they did in the 19th century are still around today.

When did ragtime music start?

Ragtime music started in the late 1800's, but did not become widely popular until the 1900's.Ragtime became popular from 1870's and until now.Scott Joplin made the ragtime music by the song called "Entertainer".

Is a violin in ragtime?

"Ragtime" Is a genre of music/high tempo speed [sometimes]. A violin could play ragtime. But it is not in ragtime.

What was another name for ragtime?

Ragtime MUSIC. :)

What year was Ragtime and blues?

Ragtime- 1897

Where did they get the name ragtime?

The name ragtime came from the syncopated, or "ragged" rhythms that occur in ragtime music.

What are facts about ragtime music?

Ragtime is a musical :P

Who made ragtime popular?

Scott Joplin the father of ragtime.

What genre of music is ragtime?

Ragtime music is a type of jazz

What was the name of Scott Joplin's Ragtime Ballet?

The Ragtime Dance

When was The Ragtime Dance created?

The Ragtime Dance was created in 1902.

Why is ragtime music called ragtime?

It has been suggested that 'ragtime' is possibly a shortening of 'ragged' which refers to the rhythmic inbalance of the music

Differences and similarities between The blues and ragtime?

They are basically the same but Ragtime was used but forgotten. Imagen Blues being the mother of ragtime.

Who was famous writer of piano music he was known as king of ragtime?

Scott Joplin He wrote plenty of ragtime music and I believe after all the ragtime hits he wrote he got to be known ad the king of ragtime.

In what city did ragtime begin?

Ragtime first began in ( st. Louis, Missouri )

What part of speech is the word ragtime?

The word ragtime is a noun. It is a musical form.

When was Alexander's Ragtime Band created?

Alexander's Ragtime Band was created in 1911.

When was Ragtime - novel - created?

Ragtime - novel - was created in 1975.

When was That Ragtime Band created?

That Ragtime Band was created on 1913-05-01.

Who were popular performers in ragtime music?

Scott Joplin is probably the most well-known ragtime performer. He earned the title the "King of Ragtime." Scott Joplin

Was Scott joplin king of ragtime?

Yes,Scott Joplin was known as the king of ragtime.

Who pioneered classical ragtime music?

Scott Joplin pioneered classical ragtime music.

Who was a famous writer of a piano known as king of ragtime?

The king of ragtime was Scott Joplin.