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Q: How did reform legislation change how people interacted with government?
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How did agriculture change the way people interacted with their environment?

because they did vejon

What is a system of a government where the people decide what happens?


What is the type of government where people initiate legislation?

A 'Direct democracy' .

How did the invention of the incandescent bulb in 1879 change the way people interacted with their physical environment?

It enabled people to work longer hours.

What is direct legislation?

It's where the people of America vote to do stuff about the government without the government's say in it. Referendum, initiative or recall are 3 examples of direct legislation.

How an idea can change the way of people think of their government?

people can change the government by protesting maybe

How were the people in the Navajo tribe impacted my their environment?

they interacted by

Is the government bad people?

you may want to change that to are the government bad people , and no.

How did the people's thinking about their government change?

People believed that the government existed as the result of an agreement between the people and their leaders.

What is the difference between statute and Constitution?

A constitution is a legislation direct from the people , while a statute(see Art. VI Sec. 1.) is a legislation from the people's representatives.

What basic ideas about the government were in the declaration of independence?

The people have the right to change government when it no longer works for the people.

What principle of government allows people to create and change the government?

popular sovereignty