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How did religion affect the Ancient Egyptian daily life?


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July 28, 2010 7:13AM

The religion of the Ancient Egyptians affected their daily lives through the belief that floods, drought, and successful harvests were caused by the gods and goddesses. As a result they would perform sacrifices, pray, and give gifts to the temples of worship, to honor the gods and ensure successful harvests and floods. In addition, many pharaohs and queens would boast that they were the reincarnation of a god or goddess. As a result, the citizens would support them and trust them to make decisions.

The Egyptians also believed in the afterlife, and that the gods were judges. They had Festivals for the gods, and shrines in their homes. Pharaohs dressed like gods, and built tombs for their preserved bodies so that they would continue to rule in the afterlife. Many of the Egyptian beliefs were recorded in the funerary guide, the Book of the Dead.