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The religion of the Ancient Egyptians affected their daily lives through the belief that floods, drought, and successful harvests were caused by the gods and goddesses. As a result they would perform sacrifices, pray, and give gifts to the temples of worship, to honor the gods and ensure successful harvests and floods. In addition, many pharaohs and queens would boast that they were the reincarnation of a god or goddess. As a result, the citizens would support them and trust them to make decisions.

The Egyptians also believed in the afterlife, and that the gods were judges. They had Festivals for the gods, and shrines in their homes. Pharaohs dressed like gods, and built tombs for their preserved bodies so that they would continue to rule in the afterlife. Many of the Egyptian beliefs were recorded in the funerary guide, the Book of the Dead.

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How does relligion affect the Ancient Egyptian daily life?

a lot it changed there schedule and everything.

Whats the culture of ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptian culture was heavily based on the Egyptian religion. Their religion was cult like and had many different sectors and gods. Each god or goddess had its own cult and city that worshipped him or her. Also, Egyptians believed their pharaohs had divine power and worshipped them like gods. Religion dominated ancient Egyptian daily life.

What was the daily Egyptian life revolve around?


What did ancient Egyptian children do on a daily basis?

your mother

How did ancient mesopotamian religion affect daily life?

The beliefs of the Mesopotamians affect their daily lives by trying to prove that they really created humans out of clay and made them do all the work for the gods and goddesses.

What did ancient Egyptian boys do on a daily basis?

iron powder

What happened in the ancient Egyptian audience chambers?

daily meeting;

How did the Mayans religion and beliefs affect their daily lives?

The Mayans religion & belief affect their daily lifes because one's religion & belief should reflect in things he/she does daily not just at church but everywhere.

how did the religion impact daily life in the ancient maya civilization?

no body

Does the ancient Egyptian language still exist?

Ancient Egyptian exists in the sense that it can be read and spoken by those who have studied it. It does not exist as a living language used by a population going about their daily business.

How does religion affect the Egyptian daily life?

Egyptian daily life- If their heart was heavy with sin, the people could not pass on to the after life, so the egyptians tried to do very little sin. -The egyptians would perform scarifices and pray dailyI hope this helps, will improve answer when I find more information.(I'm doing a research project right now)(\__/)( O.o )C(")(")

How did the caste system affect daily life in ancient India?


How did religion affect daily life at the mission santa cruz?

they prayed everyday

What items did an ancient Egyptian queen use in her daily life?

Egyptian queens would most likely use their makeup kits daily. They would also have multiple pieces of jewelry on at all times, as well as headpieces and wigs.

How did religion effect the Ancient Egyptian daily life?

Depends on the time frame. In early Egypt very few were even aware of religion. Later on it was manitory for people to pray and leave offerings. Other times only Pharohs were able to comute with the Gods and whatever they gods said he did or told the people to do. Later on priests commonly abducted people for religious purpose. Jews were typically slaves in the ancient world so that effected daily life. But by mid-late Egypt religion was practiced freely so long as it was the religion chosen by whoever was in charge.

What did the ancient egytian farmmers do on a daily basest?

Ancient Egyptian farmers worked to irrigate their crops with a shaduf on a daily basis. In addition, they also cooked their meals in very small ovens, which were fueled by the burning of cattle dung.

What did ancient Egyptian people do in the after noon?

They usually took a short rest after lunch and then set back out to finish their daily work.

What did ancient Egyptian art mean to the Egyptians?

To ancient Egyptians, art was important. They saw that it reflected the endurance and solid formation of ancient Egyptian culture. They believed that works of art were essential in the smooth functioning of that society and the world. Not only did they have religious art, but they had daily art too! Let's just say that the Egyptian art was the backbone of society.

How does Spain's religion affect the daily life and government?

They had only small places to live LOL

How did religion impact daily life in Uruguay?

Uruguay has no official religion so it doesn't affect most of the people. However, 81% believes in God.

How do the burial practice in Ancient Egypt affect the daily lives of the people?

The customs of ancient Egyptians are no longer carried on with the advent of Christianity and muslin rule.

What has the author Bob Brier written?

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How did the Nile river affect ancient politics?

To irrigate in ancient Egypt took many people. Canals needed to be dug. People had to watch the water level at many different locations because too little water would cause starvation and too much would limit how much could be planted with overly wet fields. This takes coordination and that means government.

What is one way religion has affected Egyptian daily life?

Egyptians are doing rituals, even sacrifices to pay respect and honor to their Gods in their daily life. This is because they believe that catastrophes and natural calamities are caused by the Gods.

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