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Virginia had the House of Burgesses and Massachusetts had the Mayflower Compact.

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Q: How did representative government develop in the British colonies?
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Why did representative government develop in the colonies?

this was because the king wanted people to govern the colonies.

The Virginia house of burgesses was important to the develop of democracy in the thirteen colonies because it?

provided an example of a representative form of government

How did English political traditions influence the growth of representative government in the colonies?

Limited government and representative government are the two main elements of English political heritage that helped to develop representative governments in the American colonies. The Magna Carta, Petition of Right, and English Bill of Rights were all important documents that contributed to limited government in England and the colonies.

Why did the colonies develop represent government?

this was because the king wanted people to govern the colonies.

How did the roman representative develop?

You need to specify what you mean by Roman representative.

How did the conflict between the English an the colonies develop?

The English colonists had different views on important issues than the English government did

What did middle colonies develop?


During the proprietary government what did the settlers do to make a living?

proprietary colony, in British American colonial history, a type of settlement dominating the period 1660–90, in which favourites of the British crown were awarded huge tracts of land in the New World to supervise and develop. Before that time, most of the colonies had been financed and settled under the jurisdiction of joint-stock

How did the northern colonies develop?

By getting together

Was the American Revolution justified?

For the most part the population of the British American colonies, especially colonists in leadership positions had a British heritage. This created the War one that could be called a civil war of sorts. And that term of "sorts" is given wide discretion.The freedoms in the now American colonies produced by the Treaty of Paris, helped develop a system of government that was all in all a good government. It took time for the slavery situation to be resolved. That was a huge mistake for sure. However it was easier for the European powers to outlaw slavery because it took place in faraway colonies. They did not outlaw capturing entire nations with millions of people however.

What is morrison's mission statement?

Our mission is to maintain and develop close and co-operative relations between Britain and Malaysia, in accordance with British Government policies.

Why did fewer towns develop in the southern colonies compared to the New England colonies?

they wanted it to be like that for families