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Most ancient civilizations practiced slavery in some form. European feudalism was a form of slavery. Some Native American tribes used slaves. Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians kept slaves and their societies were considered enlightened. The slave trade of Africans began centuries before the Europeans and Americans became involved. I believe that slavery began as a way to utilize captured enemies, followed by slavery becoming entrenched in those societies.

In more modern times, slavery has been outlawed in most places as the recognition of human rights has become accepted. However, even where slavery and trading in humans is outlawed, criminals will still commit whatever crime is accessible to them. Slavery is just one of the many crimes against others. Slavery exists, like any other commodity, because there is always someone who will pay for it.

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When Did Slavery become illegal in Oregon?

Slavery was never legal in Oregon, so it never needed to become illegal.

Who escaped from slavery to become an abolitionist leader?

The person who escaped from slavery to become an abolitionist leader is Harriet Tubman

Why did it take 200 years for slavery to become a divisive issue?

Slavery took 200 years to become a divisive issue because it took 200 years to become truly profitable.

When did slavery become illegal in england?


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What year did slavery first become legal in Virginia?

In 1705, full legal slavery was created in Virginia.

What is a form of slavery in which the slave is considered property and the children of slave women become slaves?

Chattel Slavery

When did slavery become abolished?

around 1863-1865

How did nat turner become a slave?

He was born into slavery.

What did Frederick Douglass do to become famous?

He ended slavery.

Why did slavery become illegal?

because it is a moral wrong

Why does slavery exist how do people become slaves?

Slavery exist because people are too lazy to do stuff, and people become slaves by being bullied, and push around.

What did Abraham Lincoln do to become famous?

assisted to end slavery

How did slaves become slaves in Australia?

They were captured or Sentenced to Slavery

Did slavery become established in the southern colonies in the 1600s?


Where did slavery first end?

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How would you use unconstitutional in a sentence?

Slavery has become unconstitutional.

When did Massachusetts become the first colony to legalize slavery?


Where did Harriet Beecher become famous?

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery and also she helped other slaves escape from slavery.

Why did Kansas become the battleground over slavery?

It was the first time slavery tried to move into free territories.sanedrewszz

Why did Missouri's application for statehood become become a major issue?

people in missouri wanted slavery to be allowed there

When did slavery become a problem in the US making the Civil War start?

The civil war started over "States Rights", not slavery.

When did slavery become an issue The start of the war middle or the end.?

slavery became an issue many years before the civil war.

How bad did slavery become?

Slavery became a very bad aspect of history. African American men and women were whipped, beaten, starved, overworked, and often killed while in slavery.

When did slavery become illegal in Mexico?

it became illegal in the year 1829