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How did technology impact the causes of death during world war 1?

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What were some of the causes of death on the Titanic?

Some causes of death on Titanic would include hypothermia/exposure, drowning, pressurization, and blunt impact.

What were the three main causes of death during the Holocaust?

Causes of death during the Holocaust included Gas chambers and death by fire or being shot. Some non murderous causes of death were illness or disease, starvation, and working to death in concentration camps.

What was the impact of new technology in world war 1?

it caused higher death rates

What were the common causes of death during the middle ages?

black death

What was the impact of technology to the french revolution?

Technology had a very large impact on the French Revolution. The guillitine was a device that was invented during the French Revolution. This was used to make the death penalty less painful, by cutting off peoples' heads in the split of a second. This machine caused so many unneccisary deaths during that time period and left many people in devastation.

What impact did the black death have on theatre during Shakespeare's life?

It was closed down.

What was the black death and its impact during the middle ages?

Black Death killed millions. Black Death caused many important changes in society.

What causes the death of Dr Edward Kuma?

killed by rebels during civil war in Rwanda

What was the main causes of death during the Great Depression?

The Dust Bowl effected peoples health and their environments

What is a word for a wound that causes death?

A 'mortal' wound is one that causes death.

What impact did the black death have on eroupe?

it had an impact on the population growth

What was the impact of the crusades?


During the early 1900s what three communicable diseases were the leading causes of death in the US?

Pneumonia, Influenza, and Tuberculosis

What are the causes of death in flood?

There can be lot of reasons for death during flood. Example: Drowning, No access to food, cutting yourself badly on some sharp objects etc.

Dose of a test drug that causes death in the animal during short term toxicity testing is referred to as the?

A: Lethal Dose

What impact can a volcano have on humans?


How does Holy week have an impact to a Christian?

jesus death day impact on christians

What were the 6 leading causes of death in Australia during 2007?

ha ha i dont know. ha ha i dont know.

The dose of a test drug that causes death in the animal during short-term toxicity testing is referred to as the?

lethal dose

What causes Rigormortis?


What impact do hurricanes have on humanity?

destruction and death.

What are the impacts of acid rain on trees lakes and buildings?

The impact on trees, lakes and buildings is terrible. Because when the acid rain goes in the lake for example it causes catastrophic death for all the animals as the acid kills them The impact on the buildings causes the building to erode at some points on the building depending on what stone the building is made from The impact on trees is that the acid makes a reaction with the tree and all the leafs will fall of

Mao Zedong impact on 20th century?

Mao Zedong had a positive and negative impact on China during the 20th century. He modernized China and managed to rid the country of corruption. This in turned resulted to the death of many people.

How did new technology change people who lived during ww1?

The introduction of something vaguely resembling modern medicine gave the fighting men a greater chance of death by being shot than death by disease.

What are the top three causes of death in America?

The top three causes of death in America are heart disease, cancer, and strokes.